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Resident Wellness

Saint Louis University's psychiatry residency program prides itself on being a leader in physician wellness initiatives. 

About Our Resident Wellness Initiatives

Program director Brianne Newman, M.D., is a member of the Saint Louis University Graduate Medical Education (GME) Wellness Steering Committee.  This committee began its Wellness Champion program in 2017, with faculty, coordinators, and trainees encouraged to be ambassadors of change to their individual programs. 

Within our psychiatry residency, Dr. Newman and Assistant Professor Catalina Belean, M.D., associate program director, are dedicated to improving physician well-being through education, research and new strategies targeting systemic change in the medical work environment.

Wellness Activities and Events

The program focus on a positive resident culture and team building, with both formal program-organized activities and many resident-led events.  Recent examples include a conflict resolution themed resident retreat, dinner at the program director’s house for each class, the annual holiday party and a welcome picnic. 

Most importantly, residents have active roles in the decision-making committees of the residency program, so their concerns are quickly brought to the attention of faculty and systemic change can be made.

Overall, our program strives to train outstanding psychiatrists that are compassionate, healthy and well-educated so that they can help each patient live their most well life. 

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