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M.S.N. to D.N.P. Program Resources

The following information will facilitate your progression through Saint Louis University's M.S.N. to D.N.P. program.

We also encourage you to refer to the student handbook for this program (PDF). Please note that general student rules and regulations in place at Saint Louis University apply unless superseded by policies of the Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing.


Please review our preceptor requirements, and clinical requirements and acquire your SLU student ID badge, which will serve as your photo ID.

Program Objectives

  • Use advanced knowledge of mid-range and translational theories from nursing and other disciplines as a framework for advanced nursing practice.
  • Critically examine research and scholarship to support evidence-based clinical practice.
  • Exemplify ethical principles in the delivery of comprehensive health care.
  • Formulate strategies to maximize health in patient populations.
  • Develop clinical competence for advanced practice that provides consumers with primary, secondary, and/or tertiary health care.
  • Use technology and information to improve health care.
  • Apply principles of epidemiology, biostatistics, and environmental sciences to recognized populations at risk, patterns of disease, and effectiveness of prevention and intervention.
  • Apply current knowledge of organizations and financing of the health care system to improve the outcomes of care.
  • Design and implement processes to evaluate outcomes and systems for health care delivery.
  • Use business and management strategies for the provision of quality care and efficient use of resources.
  • Use advanced communication and leadership skills with interprofessional health care teams to create and evaluate health care delivery systems.
  • Influence health policy at institutional, local, state and national levels.

D.N.P. Capstone Projects

Please click the blue tab below to review previous D.N.P. students' capstone projects.

D.N.P. Student Capstone Projects

Ajewole, Deborah - 2020

  • Topic Title: Increasing the HPV Vaccination Rates Among Adolescents Ages 11-18-Years Old in a Pediatric Clinic.

Alul, Hana - 2014

  • Topic Title: Hedis Scores and Uncomplicated Acute Bronchitis: The Analysis of a Webinar.

Assid, Pam - 2014

  • Topic Title: Emergency Department Management of Hyperglycemic Emergencies.

Baker, Richard - 2014

  • Topic Title: Implementation of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program Designed for Quality Improvement in the Long Term Care Facility.

Baldomero, Ryan - 2014

  • Topic Title: Retrospective Analysis of a Structured Telephone Protocol to Increase Participation Rates of Post Discharge Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients.

Baltz, Gerald - 2014

  • Publications/Presentations: GM Baltz & H Lach. (2019) Perceptions, Knowledge, and Use of Electronic Cigarettes: A Survey of Mental Health Patients, Issues in Mental Health Nursing, DOI: 10.1080/01612840.2019.1579281

Bartholomew, Tammy - 2014

  • Topic Title: Screening for Pre-diabetes and Asymptomatic Diabetes in Youth: Is It Time for a Change?

Baugher, Natalie - 2020

  • Topic Title: Initiating a Rapid HIV Screening Protocol Within the Student Health Center Setting: A Quality Improvement Project.

Beckerle, Carla J. Moore - 2014

  • Topic Title: Self-Efficacy and Effects of Glycemic Control on Diabetes.
  • Publications/Presentations: Beckerle, C. & Lavin, M.A. (2013) Association of Self-Efficacy and Self-Care with Glycemic Control in Diabetes, Diabetes Spectrum, 26, 172-178.

Bredy, Marie - 2014

  • Topic Title: Standardized HPV Gardasil Vaccine Promotion. A Retrospective Review.

Brez, Jamie - May 2023

  • Topic Title: The Use of Mobile Technology in Nursing Orientation: A QI Project of a Midwest Hospital System’s Graduate Nurse Residency Program.

Brock, Lyndsay - 2014

  • The Effect of an Educational Program to Prevent Oxygen Waste in the Austere Environment.

Bryant, Vera - 2014

  • Topic Title: A Retrospective Comparison of Electromagnetic Enteral Access Device Images to Abdominal Images for Accuracy in Bedside Placement of Small Bowel Feeding Tubes.
  • Publications/Presentations:
    • Bryant V, Phang J, & Abrams K: Comparison of electromagnetic enteral device images to abdominal radiograph images for accuracy in bedside placement of small bore feeding tubers. American Journal of Critical Care.
    • Bryant V, Phang J, Abrams K: Verifying placement of small-bore feeding tubes: Electromagnetic device images versus abdominal radiographs. American Journal of Critical Care.24(6)525-531.
    • Bryant V: Response to letter to editor: Accuracy of Electromagnetic Placement Devices. American Journal of Critical Care. 25(3)199-200

Carlucci, Melissa - 2017

  • Topic Title: Early Telemedicine to Promote CPAP Adherence.
  • Publications/Presentations: Carlucci, M & Thanavaro (2019) Early Telemedicine to Promote Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Adherence. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 3, 57-59 DOI: org/10.1016/j.nurpra.2018.10.007

Caspary, Catherine - 2016

  • Topic Title: Quality of Diabetes Care and Outcomes in the Free Clinic Setting: A Retrospective Analysis.

Chandler, Mary Betsey - 2021

  • Topic Title: Opioid Use Disorder: Optimizing Treatment to Support Remission.

Clem, Lori - 2016

  • Topic Title: A Retrospective Chart Review of a Behavioral Health Consultation Program on the Impact of Glycated Hemoglobin Levels in a Group of Poorly Controlled Type II Diabetic Patients in a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Crimm, Laura - 2021

  • Topic Title: Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Need in the Underserved. (2021) Presented at The 12th Annual McGinley-Rice Symposium Exploring Social Justice for Vulnerable Populations: The Face of the Person who is Poor, at Duquesne University.

Cunningham, Mary Ann Wolf - 2011

  • Topic Title: Is Albuterol a Trigger for Atrial Fibrillation in the Post-Op Cardiac Surgery Patient?
  • Publications/Presentations: Cunningham MA, Thanavaro, JL, Lorenz R, Delicath T, Budhathoki CB. (2012) Effect of bronchodilator treatment on the incidence of postoperative atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery. Heart Lung;41(5):463-8. doi: 10.1016/j.hrtlng.2012.03.005.

Currier, Kristina May - 2011

  • Topic Title: Reducing Risks for Morbidity and Mortality Related to Metabolic Syndrome in Patients Taking Atypical Antipsychotics.

Dang, Thuy H. - 2010

  • Topic Title: Improving Childhood Immunization Rate for a Low-Income Population Treated at a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Davis, Renee - 2014

  • Topic Title: Vitamin D Levels in Overweight/Obese Youth in a Midwest Urban Setting.
  • Publications/Presentations: Davis, R.L., Loman, D. G., & Lorenz, R.A. (2017). Screening adolescents at risk for Vitamin D deficiency: A retrospective study. The Journal of Nurse Practitioners. DOI:

Dettenmeier, Patricia - 2014

  • Topic Title: The Impact of Motivation and Confidence Levels on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Compliance in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  • Publications/Presentations: P. Dettenmeier (2014, iAyudame! Mi Esposo esta inconsciente! Nursing 2014, June: 60-63. DOI-10.1097/01.NURSE.0000441883.72501.6d.

Dixon, Kerri A. Marshall - 2011

  • Topic Title: Monitoring the risks of amiodarone therapy in primary care
  • Publications/Presentations: Dixon, K., Thanavaro, J., Thais, A., & Lavin, M. A. (2013). Amiodarone Surveillance in Primary Care. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 9(1), 46-54.

Draganic, Keri - 2016

  • Topic Title: Comparing outcomes in septic patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction who receive the recommended or less than the recommended intravenous fluid resuscitation rates described by the Surviving Sepsis Bundle: A retrospective analysis.

East, Susan A. - 2011

  • Topic Title: The Association between Wound Closure Methods and Saphenous Vein Harvest Wound Complications after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.
  • Publications/Presentations: East, S., Lorenz, R.A., Armbrecht, E.S. A retrospective review of leg wound complications after coronary artery bypass surgery. AORN J. (2013) Oct; 98 (4): 401-412.

Eggleston, Molly - 2021

  • Topic Title: Evaluation of a Nurse-Driven Extubation Protocol for Cardiac Surgery Patients.

Elbe, Mykale - 2017

  • Topic Title: Text Message Support and Breastfeeding in an Urban Community/Population.

Farran, Nicole Anne Neffgen - 2011

  • Topic Title: Assessment of Provider Adherence to Obesity Treatment Guidelines
  • Publications /Presentations: Farran, N, Ellis, P, & Barron, ML. (2012). Assessment of provider adherence to obesity treatment guidelines. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, no-no. doi:10.1111/j.1745-7599.2012.00769.x

Fitzgibbon, Marie C. - 2012

  • Topic Title: Medication Reconciliation: reducing risk for medication misadventure during transition from Hospital to Assisted Living
  • Publications/Presentations: Fitzgibbon, M., Lorenz, R.A., & Lach, H. (in press). Medication Reconciliation: Reducing risk for medication misadventure during transition from hospital to assisted living. Journal of Geriatric Nursing, December 2013 39(12) pp 22-29 doi: 10.3928/00989134-20130930-02.

Franklin, JoAnn Bardol - 2010

  • Topic Title: Utilizing BMI as a guide for diagnosing prediabetes and diabetes and the impact of NP intervention on diabetic markers
  • Publications/Presentations: Franklin, J, Thanavaro, J. & Ellis, P. (2011).Body Mass Index as a Guide for Diagnosing Prediabetes and Diabetes. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 7(8), 634-640. Podium Presentation: DNP Conference Sept. 2012 St. Louis, MO

Friess, Mary Kate Tadych - 2012

  • Topic Title: An Assessment of Chronic Disease Implications in a Midwest Medicaid Clinic.

Galmore, Anitra - May 2023

  • Topic Title: Antimicrobial Stewardship in Urgent Care Settings, Reducing the Risk of Antimicrobial Resistance: A Quality Improvement Project.

Gerdes, Peggy JoAnn Thomsen - 2012

  • Topic Title: The Effect of an Outpatient Interdisciplinary Education Program on Heart Failure Re-Admissions
  • Publications/Presentations: Gerdes, P.& Lorenz, R.A. (in press). The Effect of an Outpatient Interdisciplinary Education Program on Heart Failure Readmissions. Journal of Nurse Practitioners, July/August 2013 9(7), pp. 422-427.

Gephart, Elizabeth F. O’Dell - 2011

  • Topic Title: Weight Management Quality Improvement Project for Group Homes Serving Youth with Developmental Disabilities
  • Publications/Presentations: Gephart, E.F. Loman, D.G (2012) Use of Prevention and Prevention Plus Weight Management Guidelines for Youth With Developmental Disabilities Living in Group Homes. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. doi: 10.1016/j.pedhc.2011.07.004

Gillespie, Jessielyn - May 2023

  • Topic Title: The Effects of High-Fidelity Simulation Training on Knowledge of Early Sepsis Recognition and Management in New Graduate Nurses.

Golden, Shawna - 2021

  • Topic Title: Improving Urinary Incontinence Assessments for Women Veterans Using the Pelvic Floor Impact Questionnaire (PFIQ-7).

Graze, Laura - 2017

  • Topic Title: Triad Approach to Child Asthma Action Plans.

Harris, Donna - 2016

  • Topic Title: Comparison of Postoperative Outcomes Following Two Types of Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Harrison, Elizabeth A. - 2016

  • Publications/Presentations: Harrison, E.A. (In press). The effect of the group visit model for management of patients with PCOS: a pilot study. Women’s Healthcare: A Clinical Journal for Nurse Practitioners. (In press)

Hawkins, Patrick Dale - 2012

  • Topic Title: Improvement in hemoglobin management in hemodialysis patients after the initiation of CMS bundled PPS.

Healy, Eileen - 2013

  • Topic Title: Advanced Practice Pain Management Website Development and Evaluation.
  • Publications/Presentations: Lavin, M.A., Healy, E. & Barron, M. L. (2015). Structuring advanced practice knowledge: An internet resource for education and practice. In Saba, V. K. & McCormick, K.A., (Eds.), Essentials of nursing informatics (pp. 347-361). New York, New York: McGraw-Hill.

Heberlie, Gina - 2014

  • Topic Title: Improving Screening Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency.

Heser, Megan - December 2022

  • Topic Title: Pediatric Hyperlipidemia Screening Adherence.

Holzemer, Eve Marie - 2010

  • Topic Title: Modifying Risk Factors after TIA and Stroke: The Impact of Intensive Education
  • Publications/Presentations: Holzemer, E.M, Thanavaro, J., Malmstrom, TK., & Cruz-Flares, S. (2011).Modifying Risk Factors After TIA and Stroke: The Impact of Intensive Education. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 7(5), 372-377. doi:

House, Teresa M. Paul - 2011

  • Topic Title: Advanced Directives in the Chronically Ill Hospitalized Patient: A Retrospective Cohort Study
  • Publications/Presentations: House, T. & Lach, H.W. (2014). Advanced directives in hospitalized patients: A retrospective study. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 10(7), 465-471.

Houston, Kathleen P. - 2011

  • Topic Title: Rapid antiretroviral therapy administration for acute sexual assault patients in the Emergency Unit

Jackson, Nancy - December 2022

  • Topic Title: Measuring the Efficacy of Oral Care in Reducing Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia.

Jesenick, Crystal - 2014

  • Topic Title: Utilization of the Teach Back Method for Patient Education to Reduce 30-Day Readmission Rate in Patients with Heart Failure.

Keser, Kimberly A. Smith - 2011

  • Topic Title: Improving Blood Pressure through a Comprehensive Provider Intervention using JNC-7 Guidelines with the Use of EHR Records
  • Publications/Presentations: Keser, Kimberly A., Lorenz, R.A. (2016). The effect of a comprehensive provider and patient intervention to improve blood pressure control. Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice, 9(1), 4-12.

Kim-Shepherd, So Youn - 2012

  • Topic Title: Physical Activity Prescription

Kuensting, Laura L. Umbach - 2011

  • Topic Title: Comparing Subcutaneous Fluid Infusion to Intravenous Fluid Infusion in Children
  • Publications/Presentations: Kuensting, L. L. (2013). Comparing subcutaneous fluid infusion with intravenous fluid infusion in children. J Emerg Nurs, 39(1), 86-91. doi: 10.1016/j.jen.2012.04.017 Kuensting, L. L. (2011). Subcutaneous infusion of fluid in children. J Emerg Nurs, 37(4), 346-349. doi: 10.1016 j.jen.2010.05.005

Kush, Catherine - 2014

  • Topic Title: Preventing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions in Long-Term Care: The Effects of a Quality Improvement Project Using the INTERACT tools.

Manus, David - 2014

  • Topic Title: Operating Room Staff Attitudes Toward Teamwork.

Marquard, Samantha - 2021

  • Topic Title: Prescription for Play: Implementation of a Play Program in an Under-Resourced Pre-school-Based Clinic.

Massoni, Jennifer Ann - 2012

  • Topic Title: Patient Outcomes following Pleural Catheter Placement

McClellan, Lynn - 2014

  • Topic Title: Psychotropic Medications: Increased Body Mass Index and Elevated Blood Pressure in Children.

McLaughlin, Laura - 2018

  • Topic Title: Factor Associated with Post-Operative Opioid Use in Lumbar Spine Surgery.

McNamar, Patricia - 2013

  • Topic Title: A Pediatric Office-Based Quality Improvement Project in a Rural Health Clinic.
  • Publications/Presentations: McNamar, P., & Loman, D.G. (2014). A pediatric office-based quality improvement project: Retrospective evaluation. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, 14(1), 18-42.

McRee, Laura - 2014

  • Topic Title: The impact of the electronic medical record surveillance program on outcomes for patients with sepsis.
  • Publications/Presentations: McRee, L., Thanavaro, JL., Moore, K., Goldsmith, M., & Pasvogel, A.(2014). The impact of an electronic medical record surveillance program on outcomes for patients with sepsis. Heart and Lung-The Journal for Acute and Chronic Care, 43, 6, 546-549.

Meyers, Mary - 2021

  • Topic Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Classroom Stress Reduction Technique for Nursing Students.

Moore, Jayne (Beth) - May 2023

  • Topic Title: Academic Practice Partnership Practice Readiness Program Improvement Project.

Morgan, Abigail - 2018

  • Topic Title: The Use of 5210 Habits Questionnaire in Discussing Dietary Habits in Pediatric Primary Care.

Owen, Joleyn - 2014

  • Topic Title: Accuracy and Duplication of Tests in a Veterans Administration Compensation and Pension Department.

Page, Sharon - 2015

  • Topic Title: Comparison of Text Message and Phone Call Reminders on Failure­to-Attend Appointment Rates in Pediatric Care.

Papachrisanthou, Michelle Marie Mullenix - 2012

  • Topic Title: Increasing Immunization Adherence: The Effects of Visual Imagery and Verbal Education.
  • Publications/Presentations: Papachrisanthou, M., Lorenz, R.A. & Loman, D.G. Increasing Immunization Adherence: The Effects of Visual Imagery and Verbal Education. Journal of Community Health. 40(6), 1107-1114

Petersen, Valarie Anne Shearer - 2012

  • Topic Title: An lnterventional Study of Guiding Homeless Persons to Self Reliance Using The Outcomes Star
  • Publications/Presentations: Petersen, V., Ellis, P., Lorenz, R.A., Armbrecht, E. An Interventional Study of Guiding Homeless Persons to Self-Reliance Using the Outcomes Star (in Press) Clinical Scholars Review

Plumer, Claudia - December 2022

  • Topic Title: Barriers of Engagement in Trauma-Informed Counseling for Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse.

Potts, Ginger - 2020

  • Topic Title: Alternative measures for patients on long term opioid therapy: evaluation of a single multidisciplinary group intervention.

Rariden, Christina - 2014

  • Topic Title: Nursing Staff Knowledge Related to Prediabetes Screenings in Missouri Health Departments.
  • Publications/Presentations: Rariden, C.A., Lavin, M.A. & Shumei, Y.(2015). Improving Prediabetes Screenings at Rural Missouri County Health Departments. Journal of Community Health. DOl 10.1007/s10900-015-0036-y

Rhodes, Leslie - 2014

  • Topic Title: Comparing Bowel Regimens in Post-Operative Pediatric Orthopedic Patients: A Retrospective Review.
  • Publications/Presentations: Rhodes, L.N., Loman, D.G., & Bultas, M. Comparing the outcomes of two post-operative bowel regimens in children with idiopathic scoliosis. Orthopaedic Nursing, 35(1), 13-17

Robinson, Deborah Lynn Archey - 2011

  • Topic Title: Assessment of Nutritional Screening and Referral for Nutritional Services in Children with Cancer who have Received Treatment with Chemotherapy and/or Radiation.
  • Publications/Presentations: Robinson, D.L., Loman, D. G., Balakas, K., & Flowers, M. (2012). Nutritional screening and early intervention in children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer. J Pediatr Oncol Nurs, 29(6), 346-355. doi: 10.1177/1043454212460921

Rosenkoetter, Eileen - 2014

  • Topic Title: Self-Efficacy and Selected Dietary Behaviors in Adolescents who attend an urban school with Non-competitive Foods.
  • Publications/Presentations: Rosenkoetter, E., & Loman, D.G. Self-efficacy and self-reported dietary behaviors in adolescents at an urban school with no competitive foods. Journal of School Nursing. Prepublished/ONLINE March 1, 2015, DOI:10.1177/1059840515570641

Sanders, Michelle - 2014

  • Topic Title: The Use of an Early Warning Scoring System to Identify Patients at Risk for Code Blue.

Sawano, Keiko - 2018

  • Topic Title: Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the Stroke Population: Screening with STOP-Bang Questionnaire.

Schaeg, Lisa - 2015

  • Topic Title: Screening Children for Persistent Obstructive Sleep Apnea after Adenotonsillectomy.
  • Publications/Presentations: Schaeg, L., (2016).Telephone screening to identify children at risk for persistent obstructive sleep apnea after adenotonsillectomy. Journal of Pediatric Health Care.

Schergring, Caroline - 2021

  • Topic Title: Universal Masking for the Prevention of Nosocomial Respiratory Viral Infections in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients.

Schmidt, April - 2014

  • Topic Title: Evaluating the Needs of Solid Tumor Cancer Patients: A Holistic Approach.
  • Publications/Presentations: Schmidt, A.L., Lorenz, R.A., Buchanan, P.M., & McLaughlin, L. (2016). Evaluating the Needs of patients living with solid tumor cancer: A survey design. Journal of Holistic Nursing. DOI:

Schmidt, Laura - 2014

  • Topic Title: Improving Allergic Asthma Outcomes Using Asthma Action Plans: A Pilot Study.

Severine, Janet - 2014

  • Topic Title: Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Hospitalized TIA/Stroke Patients using the Stop-Bang Questionnaire.
  • Publications/Presentations: Severine JE, Thanavaro J, Lorenz R, & Taylor J. Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Hospitalized Transient Ischemic Attack Stroke Patients Using the Stop-Bang Questionnaire. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners. 12: 1; 20-26.

Sherrer, Cathy - 2014

  • Topic Title: The Quality of Diabetes Care: Adherence to Selected Clinical Practice Guidelines in a Rural Health Clinic.

Shima, Lynn - 2014

  • Topic Title: Usefulness of a Portable Personal Health Record: A Pilot Study.

Simmons, Krista - December 2022

  • Topic Title: An Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention.

Smith, Justine - 2020

  • Topic Title: Use of motivational interviewing to impact caregiver burden in formal caregivers of dementia patients.

Snell, Mariea - 2014

  • Topic Title: Improving the Detection of Trichomonas Vaginalis with the Implementation of a Step-Wise Approach to Testing in the High Risk Female.

Spataro, Katherine - December 2022

  • Topic Title: Using Goal Setting to Improve Nutrition for Patients Receiving Care at an Outpatient Wound Clinic.

Speight, Deanna - 2014

  • Topic Title: Implementation of Depression Screenings among Diabetics in Primary Care.

Spoerner, Deborah - 2017

  • Topic Title: A Retrospective Analysis of Falls in Hospitalized Children.

Stewart, Yvette S. - 2016

  • Topic Title: Assessing the Impact of Verbal Reminders on Cervical Cancer Screening: A Retrospective Analysis.

Thompson, Patricia - 2014

  • Topic Title: Electronic Health Record Reminders to Improve Rates of Colorectal Screening.

Underwood, Lindsay - 2014

  • Topic Title: Inappropriate Use of Urinary Catheters in the Neurological/Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit.
  • Publications/Presentations:
    • Underwood, L. (in press) Inappropriate Use of Urinary Catheters in the Neurological/Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit. Urologic Nursing Journal.
    • Underwood, Lindsay. (2015). The effect of implementing a comprehensive unit-based safety program on urinary catheter use. Urologic Nursing. 35:6; 271-279.

Valentine-Fjone, Claudia A. - 2014

  • Topic Title: The Family Nurse Practitioner: Mental Health Practice Patterns in Missouri.

Ward, Wesley F. - 2011

  • Topic Title: Cost of Insulin and Oral Hypoglycemic Medications as a Barrier to ADA Hemoglobin A1C Guidelines in Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Publications/Presentations: Ward, W., Armbrecht, E. S., & Lavin, M.A.(2012). Medication possession and glycemic control among uninsured type 2 diabetics. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 8(7), 528-533. doi:10.1016/j.nurpra.2012.02.001

Webb, Lee Ann - 2016

  • Topic Title: The Rate of Osteoporosis in Patients with Osteoarthritis Awaiting Hip Resurfacing.

Weese, Brenda - 2012

  • Topic Title: Faith Placed Container Gardens: Promotional Means to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake.

Wiley, Tigre - December 2022

  • Topic Title: Suicide Prevention Through Suicide Safety Plan: A Programmatic Evaluation.

Willoughby, Eric - 2017

  • Topic Title: Impact of a Nurse Practitioner Led Educational Session on Provider Adherence with Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment Guidelines in Women 65 and Older.

Winegar, Rhonda - 2014

  • Topic Title: Hemiparetic Positioning of Hemiplegic Patients.
  • Publications/Presentations: Winegar, R.D., Lach, H. W., Lorenz, R.A. & Henderson, D. (In press). Hemiparetic positioning of patients with hemiplegia. Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice.

Wood, Amber - May 2023

  • Topic Title: Effect of Central Venous Catheter Video-Based Education on CLABSI Prevention.

Younger, Beth - 2021

  • Topic Title: Improving Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin.

Tuition and Additional Costs

For information regarding the upcoming academic year’s tuition rate, fees and financial aid, please visit SLU Financial Services.

All students in the M.S.N.-D.N.P. program have the following additional costs:

  • Testing costs by Proctor U: (Approximately $230) Payment by the student is due when exams are scheduled.
  • Software for Typhon (patient visit documentation): ($75) This is a one-time fee due when you register for the first clinical course.
  • CastleBranch Registration : ($35)