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  • 06/20- Motivated by a personal tragedy, Aaron Laxton, a recent Master of Social Work graduate, is working to fight the opioid crisis in Missouri.

  • 06/12- On May 17, 2018, the College for Public Health and Social Justice at Saint Louis University celebrated its fifth annual Precommencement ceremony at Chaifetz Arena.

  • 06/04- "I extend my arm and then ask them to hold ... I have to trust that they're going to hold on while I turn my head away," said Colleen Doyle, describing her work at a suicide hotline.

  • 06/04- Our students complete internships locally and internationally as part of the Master of Public Health program. This year, students worked with Generate Health, the World Health Organization and others.

  • 05/08- Research targets truck transportation to improve safety.

  • 05/08- Research in rural southern Missouri seeks to improve health services.

  • 05/07- Every year, about one-third to half of the graduating M.H.A. class chooses to pursue post-graduate fellowship opportunities. These fellowships offer extended leadership and management competency development within health systems and hospitals across the United States.

  • 05/01- Manufacturing maintains an important part of a community's landscape and fabric. That's the underlying theme of professor Sarah Coffin's research with St. Louis Makes.

  • 04/30- If the wilds and beauty of Alaska call you, and you are a mental health clinician, you're in luck. Professionals are needed, the work is satisfying, and you'll likely be paid to relocate. Leigh and J.T. Bolin, married graduates of Saint Louis University's social work program, have found their calling north of the 48.

  • 04/30- Jesse Helton, Ph.D., researches the unthinkable: sexual assault and children. His recent focus takes a look at trends of assault on children with disabilities. Kids with learning disabilities often look like other kids, yet they can have cognitive problems in processing language and understanding ideas.

  • 04/26- Sixteen teams of undergraduate public health students from across the United States competed in the 2018 Public Health Scholar Bowl at Saint Louis University on April 14.

  • 04/17- Betelihem Tobo, M.P.H. ‘17, and current Ph.D. candidate, clearly remembers the moment when she realized she wanted to commit to a doctoral degree.

  • 03/23- After graduating with a Master of Social Work in 1992, J. Breezer Rickey worked in Chicago’s poorest housing projects helping inner-city families. She provided advocacy and psychotherapy for children who were severely abused.

  • 03/08- Rhonda BeLue, Ph.D., joined Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice as professor and chair of the Health Management and Policy department on July 1, 2017.

  • 01/16- On Jan. 1, 2018, Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice welcomed two new associate deans and a new Master of Public Health program director to its leadership team.

  • 12/20- With a $580,000 grant from Missouri Foundation for Health, a team of Saint Louis University researchers aims to lower the rate of food insecurity while connecting families to available resources by improving screening practices and follow-up care.

  • 12/18- Enrique Flores, a 2012 graduate of SLU's urban planning and development program, was recently recognized by North County Incorporated as one of the "30 Leaders in their Thirties."

  • 12/13- Norman White, Ph.D., an associate professor of criminology and criminal justice in Saint Louis University’s College for Public Health and Social Justice, died suddenly Wednesday, Dec. 6. He was 64.

  • 12/04- Kimberly Enard, Ph.D., assistant professor of health management and policy, has been appointed as the new chair of the program committee of the American Public Health Association’s Community Health Planning and Policy Development section.

  • 11/27- In an interview with Vice, SLU doctoral student Matthew Ellis explains why recent efforts to control the supply of prescription drugs may have contributed to the increasing numbers of heroin users.

  • 11/16- A nun, a social worker, a traveler, a scholar, a peacemaker. Genevieve O’Hara Bruggemann, a three-time alumna of Saint Louis University, passed away in April 2017.

  • 11/03- On Oct. 20, three Master of Health Administration students took home second place in the National Association of Health Services Executives’ (NAHSE) 22nd annual Everett V. Fox Student Case Competition.

  • 10/06- On Oct. 26, 2017, Anne Elixhauser, Ph.D., senior research scientist for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will present "The Train Tracks of Research: A Look Back from the Other End of the Tunnel."

  • 10/04- Join us for the 2018 Public Health Scholar Bowl and compete with undergraduate teams from across the country for cash prizes!

  • 09/26- When offered the option of taking an oral comprehensive exam or producing a publishable manuscript as the cumulative test for her Master of Public Health degree, Janine Foggia, ‘16, jumped at the opportunity to produce “something tangible” to put on her resume.

  • 08/09- Beth Tobo, a Ph.D. in public health studies candidate, answers the question: "What does social justice mean to you?"

  • 08/02- As part of an ongoing feature in SoJust magazine, members of our college community reflect on the meaning of social justice for them and their fields. We asked students from our diverse programs what social justice means to them. Hear from Cassandra Novinger, a B.S. in public health student.

  • 07/20- Thomas Burroughs, Ph.D., executive director of Saint Louis University’s Center for Health Outcomes Research (SLUCOR), has been appointed to a three-year term as interim dean of the College for Public Health and Social Justice.

  • 07/11- Avi Sukhwal's parents expected he would follow in their footsteps and become a physician. When he told them he wanted to go into public health, his parents simply wanted to know that he would be able to make a living. He's headed to a Ph.D. program this fall, but as an M.P.H. student concentrating in global health, it was Sukhwal's interest in mental health that really took him places.

  • 07/03- To me, social justice is not a luxury but a right and necessity for every human on the planet.