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Physics Student Resources

Physics majors at Saint Louis University can usually can be found hanging out in the physics lounge or the modern physics lab. It’s great place to meet the other physics majors and get help on homework.

Society of Physics Students

One of the goals of the Society of Physics Students is to provide a sense of community for physics majors. It provides support and study groups to help students understand physics courses.

SLU’s Society of Physics Students chapter hosts many events during the year that allow new students in to get acquainted with the SLU physics community. Recently, the chapter visited the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago IL. Members also tutor high school students at Gateway STEM High School.

The Society of Physics Students meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the physics lounge. All physics majors and friends are welcome to join. Currently students are working on building a small cloud chamber.

Recent Projects

Cloud Chamber

Four students sitting at a table, working on a cloud chamber

Tesla Coil

Turning on the Tesla coil. The spark gap works, but the coils need to be fine tuned.

Ruben's Tube

What is a Ruben's Tube? How did ours come out? See for yourself.

Pumpkin Launch

Each fall, Saint Louis University students build catapults to see which can launch a pumpkin the farthest.


The Saint Louis University Department of Physics has several telescopes. Students are welcome to get out the telescopes, with the help of David S. Wisbey, Ph.D., and explore the cosmos. Even though we are in the middle of an urban area, you can still see Jupiter’s moons, the rings of Saturn and giant craters on the moon.