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College of Arts and Sciences Student Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the scholastic and creative achievements of our outstanding students.

photo from 2019 Collins Awards Ceremony

James D. Collins/Outstanding Senior Awards

Each April, the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes outstanding seniors. Students are nominated by faculty members in their disciplines. Each department chooses one student, a graduating major in their program, to receive the award annually using its own criteria and procedures.

Nominations must be received by the office of the dean by February 21. A candidate must have 90 or more undergraduate hours by that time. Winners of the award receive an engraved college medallion.

2020 Undergraduate Collins Awards
2020 CAS Graduate Awards

CAS Distinguished Dissertation Award Winner

  • Beth Petitjean

CAS Distinguished Dissertation Award Honorable Mention

  • Yvonne Klein
  • Michael Hahn

CAS Distinguished Thesis Award Winner

  • Hannah Fitterman Harris

CAS Distinguished Thesis Award Honorable Mention

  • Teresa Baraza Piazuelo
  • Hiroki Yuda

 Pre-Commencement Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes graduating students who are members of honorary societies and who are recipients of special departmental awards at our pre-commencement ceremony each May. We are proud of our graduates’ participation in a wide variety of activities and recognize their success not only in the classroom but on campus, in the community and in the world.

Department/Program Awards

The departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences recognize the outstanding work of
their students. 

African American Studies

Collins Award Winner and Co-Recipient of the Karla Scott Award for Excellence
in African American Studies

Co-Recipient of the Karla Scott Award for Excellence
in African American Studies


Dr. Judith Z. Medoff Undergraduate Teaching Award

  • Andruw Wittels
  • Nadia Sirajuddin

Undergraduate Research Awards

  • First Place, Dr. Elizabeth J. Keath
  • Second Place, Em Miller
  • Third Place, Jordan Hathaway

Biology Outstanding Senior Award

Biology Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

  • Zhaolian Lu

Biology Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

  • Rebecca Girresch

Collins Award Winner

American Institute of Chemists Outstanding M.S. Chemistry Award

  • Scott Grady

American Institute of Chemists Outstanding Ph.D. Chemistry Award

  • Chelsea DeLeon

Carol M. and Joseph R. Franks Doctoral Graduate Student

  • Katie Sanders

Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence - M.S. in Chemistry

  • Mohammad Kader

Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence - Ph.D. in Chemistry

  • Miranda Adams

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award - M.S. in Chemistry

  • Michael Armbruster

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award - Ph.D. in Chemistry

  • Murthy Chintala

Collins Award Winner

Kathleen Farrell Outstanding Graduate Student Award

  • Shelby Zima
John J. Pauly Award for Outstanding Student Achievement 
  • Jovana Vukanic
Rev. Robert A. Johnston, S.J. Award
  • Gordon Connaghan
  • Chase Enright

Lambda Pieta

  • Emerson Armstrong
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Margaret Murphy
  • Jacob Brandon Wierson
  • Shelby Zima
Computer Science

Collins Award Winner

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

EAS Collins Award Winner

Brill Award to the Outstanding Senior in Geosciences.  This award recognizes the contributions made to the department by Emeritus Professor Kenneth Brill.  Conferred on a graduating student with exemplary records of academic achievement and involvement with the undergraduate program.

  • Graduate: Mary O'Connell

Collins Award Winner

Walter Ong Award

  • Carol Hogan-Downey

Lucien Fournier Award

  • Kathry Polizzi

Joe Weixlmann Award

  • Natalie Whitaker
Fine and Performing Arts

FPA Outstanding Senior Award

Health Care Ethics

Collins Award Winner


Collins Award Winner

  • Téa Erickson

Thomas P. Neill Dissertation Award

  • Beth Petitjean
Mathematics and Statistics

Collins Award Winner

PI MU Epsilon

  • Wedad Albarbi
  • Salah Alshabhi
  • Samira Jabry
  • Christian Verghese
  • Yunge Wang

Andrews Award

  • Simon McCreary-Ellis
Micah Program

Outstanding Student in the Micah Program

  • Jenesca William

Program Senior Leadership Award

  • Crystal Bell
  • Samuel Cubillos
  • Kathryn Doman
  • Riley Fagan
  • Julia Gerwe
  • Ashley Gomel
  • Haley Grimes
  • Michael Gunther
  • Claudia Hall
  • Amy Hennessy
  • Jacinta Kahle
  • Dongho Kang
  • Caitlin Kelley
  • Brenda Kirlin
  • Kameda Mallory
  • Sydney Mefford
  • Elizabeth Metz
  • Julia Nouse
  • Mary O’Connell
  • Haydon Peterson
  • Allison Ross
  • Sophie Rudder
  • Andrea Simms
  • Jacqueline Snyder
  • Jazmine Terrazas
  • Brenna Wall
  • Elise Westhoff
  • Jenesca William

Micah Program Senior Service Award

  • Crystal Bell
  • Kathryn Doman
  • Riley Fagan
  • Ashley Gomel
  • Claudia Hall
  • Amy Hennessy
  • Antonio Hornstein
  • Garrett Hurst
  • Dongho Kang
  • Brenda Kirlin
  • Olivia Lindstrom
  • Victoria Lothian
  • Madeline Maloney
  • Sydney Mefford
  • Molly Mitchell
  • Dana Moyer
  • Julia Nouse
  • Mary O'Connell
  • Stephanie Portanova
  • Morgan Redohl
  • Allison Ross
  • Scott Shadrick
  • Andrea Simms
  • Samuel Spenceri
  • Rachel Stcikels
  • Brenna Wall
  • Jenesca William

Collins Award Winner

Stark Award Winner


Senior Legacy Awards

  • Elizabeth Bartle
  • Suzy Kickham
  • Patrick Bernas

Collins Award Winner

Graduate Student Excellence in the Philosophy Department


Collins Award Winner

Political Science

The Collins Award (most outstanding student) in the Political Science department

Steven Puro Award

  • Sean Ferguson

Collins Award Winner

Outstanding Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology

  • John Lace

Harold and Mary Jane Tall Award

  • Zach Soulliard

Nicholas J. Collarelli Award

  • Victoria L. Whitaker
  • Rachel S. Rauvola

Thomas J. Kramer Award

  • Ian M. Katz

David C. Munz Award

  • Rachel S. Rauvola
  • Ian M. Katz

Marilyn K. Rigby

  • Sara McMullin (Experimental Program)

Gayle A. Olson and Richard D. Olson Dissertation Award

  • Kristin A. Broussard

Napoli Endowed Teaching Award

  • Kristin A. Broussard
Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Collins Award Winner

Theological Studies

Peter Verhaegen, S.J. award, given to the senior who demonstrates outstanding potential for theological research. At the age of 29 years, Father Peter Verhaegen, S.J. became the first Jesuit president of St. Louis College in 1829. He raised the status of the college to a university by acquiring the first charter from the State of Missouri in 1832: 

  • Elyse Keenan

The Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne Award, given to the senior who has best exemplified theology as inculturation and God’s desire to engage peoples in the very concrete circumstances of their lives. Missionary Philippine Duchesne arrived in the St. Louis area in 1818, established the first free schools west of the Mississippi, and worked with the Pottowatomie people in her later years: 

  • Julia Nouse

The Undergraduate Achievement Award goes to an outstanding undergraduate student who is a member of Theta Alpha Kappa, the the national honor society for religious studies and theology: 

  • Mary O'Connell

Provost's Dissertation Fellowship

  • Anna Williams

James D. Collins award for an outstanding senior

  • Sam Agra
Women's and Gender Studies

Collins Award Winner

  • Sarah Cerkvenik

The Giving Circle Award

  • Carly Smale