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Catholic Studies, Minor

Saint Louis University’s Catholic studies minor in the College of Arts and Sciences takes the Jesuit motto “to find God in all things” seriously, offering interdisciplinary and integrated study in the Catholic intellectual tradition. 

The program is designed to explore significant questions that have occupied Christian philosophers and theologians, artists and literary writers, political theorists and historians, and natural and social scientists for two millennia. In addition to various courses in the Christian intellectual tradition, the Catholic studies minor offers interested students opportunities to explore the history and mission of the Society of Jesus and the traditions underlying Saint Louis University as a Catholic, Jesuit institution

Along with classwork, SLU’s Catholic studies program also offers a variety of social and spiritual activities and opportunities for community service in neighborhoods near campus. 

SLU’s Edmund Campion Centre for Catholic Studies offers informal gatherings every Monday night where SLU students can gather to hear top-notch Catholic speakers engage in medieval-style debate, participate in weekly prayer and liturgy, and serve in neighborhoods near SLU. Co-curricular events include informal movie nights, field trips to local religious sites, weekly prayer and a spring day of reflection.

One course with the Catholic Studies—Theology attribute,such as:3
One course with the Catholic Studies—Philosophy attribute,such as:3
One course with the Catholic Studies—English attribute, such as:3
One course with the Catholic Studies—History attribute, such as:3
Catholic Studies Elective
One course with the Catholic Studies--Elective attribute, such as:3
Catholic Studies Capstone
CATH 4960Catholic Studies Capstone3
Total Credits18


One course with the Catholic Studies—Theology attribute,such as:

THEO 2110Introduction to the Old Testament3
THEO 2210Introduction to the New Testament3
THEO 2310History of Christianity: The First 2000 Years3
THEO 2515Social Justice3
THEO 2410Making Christianity Credible3
THEO 2415The Church: Yesterday & Today3
THEO 2430Jesus and Salvation3
THEO 2510Christian Ethics3
THEO 2610The Christian Sacraments3
THEO 2715Jerusalem: Three Faiths, One City3
THEO 2820Religion and Science3
THEO 2840Christianity and Literature3
THEO 2900Love and the Human Condition3
THEO 3210One Jesus, Four Portraits: The Gospels3
THEO 3345The Life and Theology of Augustine of Hippo3
THEO 3415Christ and Color: Liberation Theology3
THEO 3510Faith and Politics3
THEO 3525Green Discipleship: Theology & Ecology3
THEO 3535Sex, Gender and Christian Ethics3
THEO 3560A Post Human Future? The Ethics of Technology3
THEO 3710Arts of Hinduism and Buddhism3
THEO 4510War and Peace in the Christian Tradition3


One course with the Catholic Studies—Philosophy attribute, such as:

PHIL 2050Ethics3
PHIL 3250Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 3300Philosophy of the Human Person3
PHIL 3360Medical Ethics3
PHIL 3380Business Ethics3
PHIL 3400Ethics & Engineering3
PHIL 3420Environmental and Ecological Ethics3
PHIL 3450Disaster Narratives3
PHIL 3600Science and Religion3
PHIL 4500Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 4810Philosophy of Feminism3
PHIL 4820Philosophy and Race3
PHIL 4840Catholic Social Thought3
PHIL 4850Topics in Philosophical Anthropology3


One course with the Catholic Studies—English attribute, such as:

ENGL 2250Conflict, Social Justice and Literature3
ENGL 2350Faith, Doubt and Literature3
ENGL 2450Nature, Ecology & Literature3
ENGL 2550Gender, Identity & Literature3
ENGL 2600Introduction to Short Fiction3
ENGL 2650Technology, Media & Literature3
ENGL 2750Film, Culture and Literature3
ENGL 3380The Classics and Literature3
ENGL 3470Introduction to Shakespeare3
ENGL 3620Topics in Spirituality and Literature3
ENGL 3700The Bible & Literature3
ENGL 3730Introduction to Medical Humanities, Literature3
ENGL 3740Medicine and Literature3
ENGL 4240Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales3
ENGL 4290Topics in Medieval Literature3
ENGL 4300Age of Elizabeth3
ENGL 435017th Century Literature3
ENGL 4360Milton3


One course with the Catholic Studies—History attribute, such as:

HIST 1110Origins of the Modern World to 15003
HIST 1120Origins of the Modern World (1500 to Present)3
HIST 3030The Byzantine World: Faith and Power in a Thousand-Year Empire3
HIST 3040From Barbarians to Crusaders: Europe in the Early Middle Ages3
HIST 3050From Cathedrals to Printing Presses: Europe in the Late Middle Ages3
HIST 3080Catholicism Since 15403
HIST 3100The Reformation Era3
HIST 3220Jesuits and Their Worlds3

Catholic Studies Elective

One course with the Catholic Studies--Elective attribute, such as:

AAM 3350African American Religious Traditions3
ARTH 1500Life & Times of Michelangelo3
ARTH 2100Art of Jerusalem and Three Faiths: Past and Present3
ARTH 2200Art in Rome3
ARTH 2150Saints in Art3
ARTH 2450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades3
ARTH 3410Art of Cathedrals and Kings: Advanced3
ARTH 3500Early Renaissance Art in Italy: Advanced3
ARTH 3510High Renaissance Art Italy: Advanced3
ARTH 3520Art North Renaissance: Adv Art of Nobles & Merchants in the Northern Renaissance: Advanced3
ARTH 3020Christian Art: Advanced3
ARTH 4900Research Methods3
BIOL 1200Ecological Issues and Society3
BIOL 1340Diversity of Life3
CMM 3440Media Ethics3
GR 3200German Cultural History3
GK 1010Reading Greek I3
GK 1020Reading Greek II3
GK 2010Intermediate Greek Lang & Lit3
GK 4700Readings in Byzantine Greek3
LATN 1010Reading Latin I3
LATN 1020Reading Latin II3
LATN 2010Intermediate Latin: Language & Literature3
LATN 4010Latin Fathers3
LATN 4100Intro to Post-Classical Latin3
LATN 4280Readings in Saint Augustine3
MDVL 2100The Medieval World3
RUSS 4510The Russian Orthodox3
WGST 1900Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3

Continuation Standards

A student must maintain a GPA in coursework for the minor in Catholic studies of at least 2.00.

Students can complete all or part of the Catholic studies minor at SLU's campus in Madrid.

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