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Miguel Romero, Th.D.

Associate Professor
Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics


  • B.A. Colorado College 
  • M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Th.D. Duke University Divinity School

Publications and Media Placements

Books and Edited Volumes 
• Editor: The Journal of Moral Theology: “Engaging Disability,” edited by Miguel J. Romero and Mary Jo Iozzio, Vol. 6, Special Issue 2 (Sept 2017). 
• Forthcoming Manuscript: Destiny of the Wounded Creature: St. Thomas Aquinas on Disability. Advance contract with Catholic University of America Press. Manuscript under review. Target date: TBD. 
• Forthcoming Manuscript: My Brother’s Keeper: A Thomistic Theology of Mercy and Liberation. 
Articles, Essays, and Book Chapters 
• Forthcoming Book chapter, with Jason Eberl (SLU): “The Tree of Life: Aquinas, Disability, and Transhumanism.” 
• Forthcoming Article: “Disability, Deification, & Beatitude,” submitted to The Thomist for peer review. 
•  “Disability, Catholic Questions, and the Quandaries of Biomedicine and Secular Society,” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Summer 2020): 277-310. 
• “Disability, Theological Method, and Authorial Positionality: A Critical Engagement with Wondrously Wounded, by Brian Brock,” Syndicate Journal (Oct 2020). 
• “Remembering ‘Mindless’ Persons: Intellectual Disability, Spanish Colonialism, and the Disappearance of a Medieval Account of Persons Who Lack the Use of Reason,” chapter five in Disability in Medieval Philosophy & Theology, ed. Scott Williams (Routledge Press, 2020). 
•“Species, Intellect, and the Non-Deliberate Actus Hominis: A Review and Response to Aquinas on Custom, by William Mattison III,” Journal of Moral Theology virtual roundtable (March 2020). 
• “La Celebrazione del Mistero Cristiano,” chapter 2 in Catechesi e Persone Con Disabilita: Un’attenzione Necessaria Nella Vita Quotidiana Della Chiesa, edited by Francesco Spinelli and Eugene R. Sylva (San Paulo, 2018): 35-51. 
• “Mercy, Mental Illness, and the Moral Significance of Christian History: The Story of Fr. Juan Gilabert-Jofre,,” Journal of Disability & Religion, Vol. 22, No. 2 (May 2018). 
•  “The Goodness and Beauty of Our Fragile Flesh: Moral Theologians and Our Engagement with Disability,” Journal of Moral Theology: Engaging Disability, Vol. 6, Special Issue 2 (2017): 206-253. 
• “To Think Theologically About Disability,” Culture E Fede (Pontificium Consilium de Cultura), vol. XXIV, n. 3 (2016). 203-204. 
• Refereed: “Happiness and Those Who Lack the Use of Reason,” The Thomist 80 (2016): 49-96. 
•“Cognitive Impairment, Moral Virtue, and Our Life in Christ,” Church Life, Vol. 4, No. 4 (2014): 79-94. 
• “The Call To Mercy: Veritatis Splendor and the Preferential Option for the Poor,” Nova et Vetera, English Edition, Vol. 11, No. 4. (2013): 1205–27. 
• “Aquinas on the Corporis Infirmitas: Broken Flesh and The Grammar of Grace,” book chapter in Disability in the Christian Tradition: A Reader, eds. Swinton and Brock (Eerdmans, 2012): 101—151. 
• “Liberation, Development, and Human Advancement: Catholic 
Principle Author on Collaborative Documents 
• “The Mission of NCPD: The Fundamentals, Aims, and Recent History,” a study produced for the National Catholic Partnership on Disability: March 2021. 
• “Speaking of Disability: Pastoral Guidelines on Appropriate Language Relating to Persons Who Have a Disability,” a resource provided by the National Catholic Partnership on Disability: May 2020. 
• “Companion to the USCCB Sacramental Guidelines on Disability and Sacramental Access,” a resource provided by the National Catholic Partnership on Disability: Nov 2019. 
• Affirmation of and Commitment to the Call of the Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on Persons with Disabilities: A Resolution Issued by the Board of Directors of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability on the 40th Anniversary of the Pastoral Statement,” a resource provided by the National Catholic Partnership on Disability: Sept 2018. 

Honors and Awards

• Doctoral Fellow and Dissertation Fellow (2008-2012), Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Professional Organizations and Associations

• Academy of Catholic Theology (ACT), member 2019 – Present. 
• Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians in the US (ACHTUS), member 2011 – Present. 
• Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA), member 2017 – Present. 
• New Wine, New Wineskins (NWNW), member 2010 – Present.