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Alice Tipton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., University of Missouri - Columbia

Research Interests

Tipton is an ecologist who studies species interactions. Her work focuses on the interactions between plants and soil fungi in grasslands and how environmental factors influence these interactions and the composition of the soil fungi community. Her research also explores the role of native mycorrhizal fungi in improving plant community establishment and diversity in native grassland restoration projects.

Publications and Media Placements

Tipton, Alice G., Donald Nelsen, Liz Koziol, Eric B. Duell, Geoffrey House, Gail WT Wilson, Peggy A. Schultz, and James D. Bever. 2022. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Taxa Show Variable Patterns of Micro-Scale Dispersal in Prairie Restorations. Frontiers in microbiology 13.

Koziol, Liz, Jonathan T. Bauer, Eric B. Duell, Karen Hickman, Geoffrey L. House, Peggy A. Schultz, Alice G. Tipton, Gail WT Wilson, and James D. Bever. 2022. Manipulating plant microbiomes in the field: Native mycorrhizae advance plant succession and improve native plant restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology 59 (8): 1976-1985.

Delavauz, CS, Schemanski, JL, House, GL, Tipton, AG, Sikes, B, and JD Bever. 2020 Root pathogen diversity and composition varies with climate in undisturbed grasslands, but less so in anthropogenically disturbed grasslands. The ISME Journal, 1-14. 

Wang, G, Schultz, P, Tipton, AG, Zhang, J, Zhang, F, and JD Bever. 2019. Soil microbiome mediates positive plant diversity‐productivity relationships in late successional grassland species. Ecology Letters. 22: 1221-1232

Tipton, AG, Middleton, EL, Spollen, WG, and C Galen. 2019. AMF community composition varies across habitat type, soil substrate, and land use gradients. Botany, 97: 85-89.

Tipton, AG. 2017. The underground scene: Mycorrhizal Fungi and Missouri Grasslands. Missouri Prairie Journal, 38(1): 18-20. (non peer-reviewed).

Tipton, AG, Miller-Struttmann, NE, and C Galen. 2016. Finding partners in a habitat mosaic: Patch history and size mediated host colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Ecosphere, 7(11).