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Biology Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Biology are active in research and conduct studies in diverse subdisciplines within biology, including cell biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, genomics, molecular biology, neuroscience, pedagogical studies, and physiology.

To carry out the department's mission, our faculty consists of those whose primary responsibilities are teaching and service (teaching faculty) and those whose responsibilities include conducting research and mentoring graduate students, in addition to teaching and service (research faculty). 

Departmental Faculty Leadership

Laurie Shornick, Ph.D.
Department Chair 

Gerardo Camilo, Ph.D.
Associate Chair

Jonathan Fisher, Ph.D.
Graduate Affairs Committee Chair

Lindzy Dodson, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator

Julie Thole, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Research Coordinator

Teaching Faculty

Research Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Cheryl Asa, Ph.D., St. Louis Zoo; reproductive biology, ecology and conservation of reptiles
  • Kristine Callis-Duehl, Ph.D., Donald Danforth Plant Center
  • Thomas Croat, Ph.D., Missouri Botanical Garden; systematics of the Araceae
  • Anthony Dell, Ph.D., National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, Dell Ecology Lab
  • Peter Goldblatt, Ph.D., Missouri Botanical Garden; systematics, karyology and breeding systems of African Iridaceae
  • Charles Hoessle, Ph.D., St. Louis Zoo Director Emeritus; animal conservation, zoo biology and education
  • Peter Hoch, Ph.D., Missouri Botanical Garden; systematics and evolution of North American species of Onagraceae
  • Kevin Kayset, Ph.D., Sigma-Aldrich; microbiology, enzyme thermostability, thermophilic expression systems
  • Peter Kevan, Ph.D., pollination biology
  • Sandra Leal, Ph.D., Harris-Stowe State University, Drosophila eye development.
  • Carmel Martin-Fairey, Ph.D., Harris-Stowe State University
  • Peter Raven, Ph.D., Director, Missouri Botanical Garden; biogeography of seed plants; coevolution of plants and animals; plant systematics

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