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Cristy Portales-Reyes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Courses Taught

General Ecology


Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research Interests

I am an ecologist interested in understanding plant community and ecosystem responses to global change.Biodiversity is rapidly declining in many ecosystems. I use field and greenhouse experiments to investigate the mechanisms that reinforce loss of plant diversity in response to global change, as well as to test restoration strategies that could reduce or reverse these declines in plant diversity.Most of my experimental work is centered in North American grasslands, but I enjoy participating in distributed experiments and synthesis efforts with collaborators from across the world and with expertise in other ecosystems. Currently, I am leading a synthesis group examining the generality of difficult to reverse ecosystem transitions in response to multiple anthropogenic perturbations and increased climate variability.    

Labs and Facilities

We use a combination of long-term field experiments, observational datasets, and greenhouse experiments to study plant community and ecosystem responses to global change. Our group is highly collaborative; we engage in distributed field experiments and synthesis science.To learn more about our work and opportunities in the lab please visit:

Publications and Media Placements

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