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Allison Miller, Ph.D.


Member and Principal Investigator
Danforth Plant Science Center


Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Research Interests

Perennial Plant Diversity and Evolution

Perennial plants comprise an estimated 40% of domesticated species and 60% of seed plants. Their long lifespans influence evolutionary processes and patterns of variation in unique ways relative to annual systems. We study perennial crops and wild perennial species in the field, often over the course of multiple years. We generate genetic data and patterns of gene expression, and measure a range of plant traits. Our goals are to advance basic understanding of evolution and plasticity in perennial plants, and to apply this work to perennial crop improvement, the development of novel crops for natural systems agriculture, and the conservation of perennial plant genetic resources.

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Publications and Media Placements

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Danforth Center and Saint Louis University establish joint faculty partnership:

Professional Organizations and Associations

Research Associate, Missouri Botanical Garden