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Eva Gonzales, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Courses Taught

Principles of Biology II, Genetics Lab, Applied Population Genetics/Molecular Ecology, Graduate Seminar.


Ph. D. University of Georgia

Research Interests

Gonzales is interested in plant evolutionary ecology and its implications for conservation and restoration. She focuses on questions addressing the role of evolutionary history and anthropogenic disturbance in shaping genetic variation in native species with economic importance and species performing important ecosystem services. 

Publications and Media Placements

Hodel R and E Gonzales. Reconstructing evolutionary history of sea oats, Uniola paniculata, dune-building grass in south-eastern North America. 2013. Journal of Heredity, in print.

Shu-Mei Chang, E Gonzales, E Pardini, JL Hamrick. 2011. Encounters of old foes on a new battle ground for an invasive tree, Albizia julibrissin Durazz (Fabaceae). Biological Invasions 14: 1043-1053.

Gonzales E, PE Smouse, JL Hamrick & R Peakall. 2010. The impact of landscape disturbance on fine-scale genetic structure in the Guanacaste tree, Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Fabaceae). Journal of Heredity 101: 133-143.

Gonzales E, JL Hamrick & PE Smouse. 2008. Comparison of clonal diversity in mountain and Piedmont populations of Trillium cuneatum (Melanthiaceae-Trilliaceae), a forest understory species. American Journal of Botany 95: 1254-1261.

PE Smouse, R Peakall R & E Gonzales. 2008. A heterogeneity test for fine-scale genetic structure. Molecular Ecology 17: 3389-3400.

Gonzales E, JL Hamrick & SM Chang. 2008. Identification of glacial refugia in south-eastern North America by phylogeographic analyses of a forest understorey plant, Trillium cuneatum. Journal of Biogeography 35: 844-852.

Gonzales E, JL Hamrick, PE Smouse & RJ Dyer. 2006. Pollen mediated gene dispersal within continuous and fragmented populations of a forest understory species, Trillium cuneatum. Molecular Ecology 8: 2047-2058.

Hamrick, JL, MJW Godt & E Gonzales. 2006. Conservation of genetic diversity in old-growth forest communities. Applied Vegetation Science 9: 51-57.

Gonzales E & JL Hamrick. 2005. Distribution of genetic diversity among disjunct populations of the rare forest herb, Trillium reliquum. Heredity 95:306-314.

Franks, SJ, CL Richards, E Gonzales, JE Cousins & JL Hamrick. 2004. Multi-scale genetic analysis of Uniola paniculata (Poaceae): a coastal species with a linear, fragmented distribution. American Journal of Botany 91:1345-1351.