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Wenyan Xiao, Ph.D.


Courses Taught

Genetics, Plant Physiology, and Molecular Technique Lab


Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Research Interests

Xiao's laboratory studies the mechanism underlying epigenetic regulation of gene expression using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. DNA methylation is a covalent modification of DNA by addition of a methyl group to the 5-position of cytosine. This is a heritable epigenetic phenomenon that plays an important role in genome integrity, X chromosome inactivation, silencing of transposons, gene expression and imprinting. Xiao is employing genetic, molecular, genomic, and computational approaches to investigate how gene imprinting is controlled and how imprinted genes regulate development in the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Imprinting, occurring in both mammals and plants, results in gene alleles being expressed or silenced according to their parental origins, and plays an important role in reproductive strategies. In Arabidopsis, DNA methyltransferase1 (MET1), an ortholog of Dnmt1 in mammals, is responsible for maintaining genomic DNA methylation patterns. It has been shown that the MET1 DNA methyltransferase and DEMETER (DME) DNA demethylase antagonistically regulate gene imprinting and reproduction. Interestingly, DNA methylation also affects embryogenesis and seed size in Arabidopsis. Embryos with mutations in MET1 develop improperly, display altered planes and numbers of cell division, and have reduced viability. Furthermore, the maternal and paternal genomes play distinct roles in the regulation of seed size in plants. The current research is focused on elucidating the molecular mechanism of active DNA demethylation and dynamic changes of DNA methylation during growth and development.

Publications and Media Placements

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