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Richard Mayden, Ph.D.

Professor; W. S. Barnickle Endowed Chair of Natural Sciences

Courses Taught

Phylogenetic Systematics, Scientific Communications, Biodiversity for Non-Scientists, Biology of Fishes, Current Topics in Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, Species and Speciation, Vertebrate Natural History


Ph.D., University of Kansas

Research Interests

Mayden's research interests are diverse, ranging from theoretical aspects of species, concepts and systematics, inventory of fishes, discovery and descriptions of species, revisionary studies, molecular and morphological evolution, and phylogenetic systematics. All of this research focuses on freshwater fish diversity and involves both morphological and molecular methods. Using phylogenetic trees, Mayden maintains an interest in examining both historical biogeography and the evolution of various aspects of the biology, ecology, and morphology of species. In addition to North America, his research has included species and ecosystems in Asia, Chile, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Mexico. For many years now Mayden has been interested in the diversity, classification, phylogeny, and evolution of Cypriniformes fishes, the largest group of freshwater species. Two large projects investigating these fishes include the Cypriniformes Tree of Life International Collaborative research initiative and the Collaborative All Cypriniformes Species. Both of these long-term studies have involved multiple USA collaborators and collaborative researchers around the world. Along with numerous collaborators in the USA and Mexico, Mayden is also involved in a long-term study of freshwater species and the aquatic biodiversity of the northwestern Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico.

Labs and Facilities

Mayden usually can provide research internships for two to three undergraduate students in his lab over the course of an academic year. He is also interested in working with new graduate students and postdoctoral researchers that share his general research interests.

Publications and Media Placements

Levin, B., E. Simonov, B. K. Gabrielyan, R. L. Mayden, S. M. Rastorguev, H. R. Robenyan, F. S. Sharko, and A. V. Nedoluzhko. Caucasian treasure: genomics sheds light on the evolution of half-extinct Sevan trout, Salmo ischchan, species flock. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

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