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Catholic Studies Faculty and Board of Advisers

Along with excellent and accomplished faculty members, Saint Louis University’s Catholic Studies program is led by a board of advisers with representatives from throughout the University.

Faculty Members

  • David Meconi, S.J., D.Phil. (Oxon.), Director of the Catholic Studies Centre
  • Sam Conedera, S.J., Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow, Catholic Studies and History
  • Patrick Zoll, S.J., Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow, Thomisic Metaphysics 
  • David Brown, S.J., D.Phil. (Oxon.) Ignatius Forum Fellow, Vatican Astrophysicist
  • Hilary Finley, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Catholic Studies
  • John Foley, S.J., Artist in Residence

Board of Advisers