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Communication Media Center

Cameras, audio equipment and editing software are just a few of the resources available to Saint Louis University students in the Communication Media Center.

Cameras and other equipment are shown in the Communications Media Center.

You can create meaningful, compelling projects by combining an intellectual understanding of communication theory and practice with the software and digital devices available in the Communication Media Center.

From filming to finishing, you will develop the skills necessary for an expanding digital world. But the skills you learn aren't just technical. You will apply the essential concepts of effective communication that you learn in the classroom to your projects in the labs. With this combination of knowledge and ability, you will graduate with confidence in your capacity to create compelling messages.

Located in Xavier Hall, the Communication Media Center is the hub of student productions. Students leverage CMC resources to produce a wide range of media projects. Working independently or as a group, you will get hands-on experience with current technology, including:

  • digital cameras and video recorders for image and video production
  • computers to create, edit and refine class and club projects
  • professional-grade software, including Adobe Creative Suite and Soundtrack Pro
  • advanced audio equipment for interviewing and creating sound clips

Contact Cynthia Graville, the media center director, for more information on the Communication Media Center. 

Policies and Procedures

Other Communication Computer Labs

The key to rooms 207 and 236 is available to student workers. You may be granted access to these rooms if a class is not in session. No students are allowed in rooms 207 or 236 after the CMC has closed.

CMC Computers

To use the computers in the CMC, you must be registered for a communication course or have a declared major/minor in communication.


Free printing is available to students printing assignments for communication classes only. The desktop printer is the default printer for all the computers in the CMC. It is located near the equipment room.

Equipment Checkout

You may check out equipment if you are in a communication class for which a professor has filled out a checkout privileges form. You may only check out equipment during the time designated on the form.

Checkout Policies

You are responsible for all information written on your class checkout form. Late equipment results in loss of checkout privileges. You are responsible for any equipment damage and/or loss that occurs between checkout and check-in.