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Evelyn Meyer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of German; German Program Coordinator
Department Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Courses Taught

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced German language and culture courses; Medieval German literature, culture and language courses; German cultural history, The German Media, Contemporary Germany; Berlin in the 20th ad 21st centuries. All courses emphasize social, political and cultural issues as appropriate to the course.


Ph.D., Germanic Medieval Studies (major) & Women Studies (minor), University of Minnesota, 2003
M.A., English, Louisiana State University, 1994
B.A., German & English
 Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany, 1990

Research Interests

  • Germanic medieval literature and culture

  • (Illuminated) medieval manuscripts

  • Construction of gender, race and the Other in literature and culture

  • The application of media & technology to second/foreign language acquisition

  • Integration of social issues in the teaching of literature and culture

Publications and Media Placements

Edited Volumes:

Meyer, Evelyn & Andrea Schindler (co-eds.) Geschichten sehen, Bilder hören. Bildprogramme im Mittelalter. Conference Proceedings Bamberg, July 12-13, 2013, Univ. of Bamberg P.  2015. 216pp.

Andress, Reinhard (ed.), Evelyn Meyer & Gregory Divers (co-eds.). Weltanschauliche Orientierungsversuche im Exil / Changes of World View in Exile. Rodopi. 2010. 371pp.


“Das ungerechtfertigte Leid der Frauen: Hartmanns Variationen des Typus der ‘leidenden Frau’ in Enite, Laudine und Lunete” Hartmann von Aue 1230-1517. Kulturgeschichtliche Perspektiven der handschriftlichen Überlieferung. Margreth Egidi, Markus Greulich and Marie-Sophie Masse, eds. Zeitschrift für deutsches Altertum und deutsche Literatur - Beiheft 34. Stuttgart: S. Hirzel. 2020. 147-168.

co-authored with Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand, “Ann Marie Rasmussen”, in: Samantha J. Rayner “Female Arthurian Scholars: An Initial Collection of Tributes.” Journal of the International Arthurian Society 7:1 (2019): 3-41, ours: 30-31.

co-authored with Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand. “sine mugens nicht erdenken: wand ez kan vor in wenken rechte alsma ein schellec hase: Women’s German Medieval-Arthurian Scholarship.” Journal of the International Arthurian Society 7:1 (2019): 61-90.

co-authored with Lee Forrester, “Implementing Student-Produced Video Projects in Language Courses: Guidelines and Lessons Learned”, Unterrichtspraxis 48:2 (2015): 192-210. Best Article in Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German Award 2016, AATG.

 “Visual and Narrative Distortion of Nordic and German Source Materials in Edel’s Adaptation of the Nibelungenlied “Die Nibelungen-Der Fluch des Drachens” / “Dark Kingdom – The Dragon King” (2004)” Studia Neophilologica 85:1 (2013): 1-20.

“Manuscripts vs. Edition: The Multiple Endings of Hartmann von Aue’s Iwein and their Gender Implications.” Amsterdamer Beiträge zur Älteren Germanistik, 68 (2011): 97-141.

 “Undercutting the Fabric of Courtly Love with ‘Tokens of Love’ in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s ParzivalYearbook of the Society for Medieval German Studies, 1 (2009): 8-33.

“Disrupting the Discourse of Perfect Knightliness: Gender Expectations and Constructions of Masculinity in Hartmann von Aue’s Iwein. Deutsche Vierteljahresschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte 82:4 (2008): 519-51.

“Gender Erasures, Knightly Maidens and (Un)knightly Knights in Hartmann von Aue’s IweinNeophilologus 91:4 (2007) 657-72.

Book Chapters:

“Teaching a Daughter Sexual Desire and Love Lore: Herzeloyde’s Mentorship of Sigune in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Titurel and Albrecht von Scharfenberg’s Jüngerer Titurel”, in: Gender Bonds, Gender Binds: Men, Women, and Family in Middle High German Literature, Essays in Honor of Ann Marie Rasmussen. Edited by Alison L. Beringer, Sara S. Poor, and Olga Trokhimenko. Berlin, Germany: de Gruyter. 2021. 117-136.

“Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival: A Complex Reshaping and Expansion of A Source.” Wiley Blackwell Companion to World Literature. edited by Ken Seigneurie (general editor), Wiley Blackwell: Hoboken, USA, and Chichester, UK. 2020. Vol. 2: 967-978.

“The Slippery Concept of Evil in Hartmann von Aue’s Erec and Iwein.The End-Times in Medieval German Literature: Sin, Evil, and the Apocalypse. Ernst Ralph Hintz and Scott Pincikowski, eds. Rochester, NY: Camden. 2019. 190-215.

“‘Der Maler konnte oder wollte nicht lesen’ – oder vielleicht doch? Die Text-Bild-Bezüge der Blutstropfenepisode in den illustrierten Parzival-Handschriften”, Geschichten sehen, Bilder hören. Bildprogramme im Mittelalter Andrea Schindler and Evelyn Meyer (eds.). Uni. Bamberg Press, 2015. 191-214.

“Reading Parzival’s Quest for the Holy Grail as a Unique Exile Experience.” Weltanschauliche Orientierungsversuche im Exil / Changes of World View in Exile. Ed. Reinhard Andress, Co-eds. Evelyn Meyer & Gregory Divers. Rodopi. 2010. 45-59.

“The German Tradition: (Mis)Readings of Don Quixote.” Eds. Kimberly E. Contag & James A. Grabowska. Cross-Disciplinary Essays on Don Quixote. The Minnesota Conference Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Its Publication. The Edwin Mellen Press. 2007. 7-18.

Editions/Transcriptions of Medieval Manuscript Texts:

Hartmann von Aue. Iwein. Manuscript A: Universitätisbibliothek Heidelberg, Codex Palatinus Germanicus 397: Introduction to the manuscript edition and edition of the manuscript text (184pp). Hartmann von Aue Knowledgebase Portal, Universität Trier, published online  (2007).

Mönch von Salzburg “Lied von den sieben Tagzeiten” (late 14th, early 15th century) contained at the end of Kalocsa Ms. 20.672, 11th century. Transcription and Translation, published at (2007), invited by Prof. Paul Shore, then Educational Studies, Saint Louis University.

Book Reviews:

Review of Cyril Edwards, ed. and trans. German Romance V: Hartmann von Aue, Erec. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2014. xviii 560 pages, in: The Medieval Review 15.06.32, n. pag., June 2015; (review invited by book review editor of the journal).

Review of Nina Spangenberger: Liebe und Ehe in den erzählenden Werken Hartmanns von Aue. Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang Verlag 2012. ix 350 Seiten, in: Internationale Germanisitk Jahrgang XLVI – Heft 2 (2014): 115-118; (review invited by book review editor of the journal).

Review of Mathias Herweg, Stefan Keppler-Tasaki, eds., Rezeptionskulturen. Fünfhundert Jahre literarischer Mittelalterrezpetion zwischen Kanon und Populärkultur. Trends in Medieval Philology Vol. 27. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2012, in: Arthuriana 22:4 (2012): 197-199; (review invited by book review editor of the journal).

Review of Sabine Seelbach Labiler Wegweiser. Studien zur Kontingenzsemantik in der erzählenden Literatur des Hochmittelalters, Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2010, in Journal for English and Germanic Philology 111:4 (2012): 554-557; also:; (review invited by journal editor).

Review of Ann Marie Rasmussen and Sarah Westphal-Wihl Ladies, Whores, and Holy Women: A Sourcebook in Courtly, Religious, and Urban Cultures of Late Medieval Germany, in: Medieval German Texts in Bilingual Editions V, Introductions, Translations, and Notes by Ann Marie Rasmussen and Sarah Westphal-Wihl. Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications 2010. In Society for Medieval Germanic Studies News and Reviews 33: Spring 2012,; (review invited by President of the Society for Medieval Germanic Studies).

Review of Susanne Hafner Maskulinität in der höfischen Erzählliteratur. Frankfurt a.M.:Peter Lang, 2004, in Medieval Feminist Forum 43:1 (2007): 148-50; (review invited by journal editor).

Review of Ulrich von Zatzikhoven Lanzelet. Transl. Thomas Kerth with additional notes by Kenneth G.T. Webster and Roger Sherman Loomis (Columbia UP, 2005), in Medieval Encounters: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Culture in Confluence and Dialogue 12:2 (2006): 308-13; (review invited by journal editors).

Honors and Awards

Evelyn Meyer won the "2016 Best Article in Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German Award" by the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German), with collaborator Lee Forester, Ph.D. of Hope College. The article for which they received his award is “Implementing Student-Produced Video Projects in Language Courses: Guidelines and Lessons Learned,” Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German 48:2 (2015): 192-210. Award Presentation at the Annual AATG/ACTFL Convention, Boston, MA, November 19, 2016.