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Preparing for a Career in Law

Are you interested in law? Political science is one of the most popular majors for students interested in attending law school. Saint Louis University's department offers many opportunities for pre-law students.

Public Law Concentration

The public law concentration in the political science major allows you to select courses for the major in a way that foregrounds law. The concentration focuses on law and courts and the relationship of both to larger issues of justice, social change and democracy.

Law, Religion, and Politics Minor

The law, religion, and politics minor is an interdisciplinary minor unique to SLU. In the minor, you analyze and compare legal norms, theory and practice within religious traditions and in legal systems. You gain a theoretically and historically grounded understanding of human dignity and justice, and you consider how laws and political structures can promote equity toward all community members.

Accelerated B.A./J.D. Program

This accelerated program is ideal for motivated political science students who know they want to attend law school at SLU and wish to save resources by applying law school credits to their bachelor’s degrees. Students start law school after three years of undergraduate study. They apply a maximum of 30 law school credit hours completed in their first year to their undergraduate degree program and receive their bachelor’s degree after successfully completing the first year of SLU Law.

Courses on Law

You can take courses on constitutional, administrative, and international law as well as courses on judicial politics and incarceration. Some of the faculty who teach courses related to law are:

Legal Internships

You can explore a variety of legal work while earning academic credit through an internship. You might work in a law office, for the American Civil Liberties Union or the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney. The options are endless. For more information on legal internships, contact Robert Cropf, Ph.D.

Advising for Pre-Law Students

Morgan Hazelton, Ph.D., practiced law before earning her Ph.D. She understands the law school admissions process well and can help students navigate the admissions process. She is also the faculty adviser for the pre-law student organization Amicus Curiae.

Special Events for Pre-Law Students

The department has brought in a variety of speakers of interest to students thinking about law school.