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Christopher Duncan, Ph.D.

Political Science

Courses Taught

Undergraduate: Introduction to American Government, Ethics and Politics, Foundations of Political Theory, Basic Issues in Political Philosophy, Ancient and Medieval Classics in Political Thought, Law and Society


Ph.D., Wayne State University, 1992
M.A., Wayne State University, 1989
B.A., University of Michigan, 1987

Research Interests

  • Political theory
  • Faith and politics
  • American political thought

Publications and Media Placements

Duncan, Christopher M. 2021. Radical Conversion: Theorizing Catholic Citizenship in the American Liberal State. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2000. Fugitive Theory: Political Theory, The Southern Agrarians, and America. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Duncan, Christopher M. 1995. The Anti-Federalists and Early American Political Thought. DeKalb, Illinois: Northern Illinois University Press.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2012.“The Christian Right’s Postmodern Turn: Sometimes Satan Comes as a Man of Peace.” Listening: A Journal of Communication Ethics, Religion, and Culture Vol. 47 (1): 5-31.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2008. “Catholicism, Poverty and The Pursuit of Happiness.” Journal of Poverty: innovations on social, political &economic inequalities Vol. 12 (1): 1-28.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2004. “A Question for Richard Rorty.” The Review of Politics Vol. 66, No. 3: 385-413.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2004. “Lincoln’s Theocentric Turn.” Politics and Policy Vol. 32, No. 3: 508-39.

Duncan, Christopher M. (with Diane B. Moore) 2003. “Catholic and Protestant Social Discourse and the American Welfare State.” Journal of Poverty: innovations on social, political &economic inequalities 7 (no. 3):57-83.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2002. “Christianity, Secularism, and the American Public Square.” The McNeese Review 28-39.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2002 (with David Breaux, John Morris, and Denise Keller). “Welfare Reform-- Mississippi Style: TANF and the Search for Accountability.” Public Administration Review 62:86-97.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2001. “The Southern Agrarians, Progress, and the Tragic Voice.” Politics and Policy 29:3-46.

Duncan, Christopher M. 2000. "The Blues Voice of Houston Baker, Jr. as Political Theory: An (Other) AMERICAN Paradigm?" The New Political Science: A Journal of Politics and Culture 22: 231-48.

Duncan, Christopher M. 1998. (with David Breaux, John Morris, and Denise Keller). “Blazing the TANF Trail: The Southern Mind and the Politics of Welfare Reform in Mississippi,” American Review of Politics 19: 175-89.

Duncan, Christopher M. 1995. "Civic Virtue and Self-Interest," American Political Science Review 89: 147-151.

Duncan, Christopher M. 1994. "Men of a Different Faith: The Anti-Federalist Ideal in Early American Political Thought," Polity 26: 387-415.

Duncan, Christopher M. 1990. "Plato’s Paradox? Guardians and Philosopher Kings," American Political Science Review 84: 1317-1319.

Duncan, Christopher M. 1991-1992. "Tyrants and Witches in the American Cold War," The Michigan Journal of Political Science 14: 1-17


Honors and Awards

  • Associated Church Press Award of Excellence, 2009
  • Phi Alpha Delta Professor of the Year, 2002-3
  • Mississippi State University Honors Professor of the Year, 2001

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • American Political Science Association
  • Religion and Politics Group
  • Foundations of Political Theory
  • Association of Jesuit Universities