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Psychological Services Center

The Psychological Services Center at Saint Louis University is an outpatient mental health center operated by SLU's Department of Psychology. Founded in the Jesuit tradition of service and compassion for others, we provide professional, affordable, and quality psychological services to the community.

The Psychological Services Center offers therapy and psychological evaluations on a sliding scale fee. Doctoral students in clinical psychology provide services under the supervision of licensed clinical psychology faculty. Clients include children, adolescents, adults and older adults. We provide these services with the latest knowledge on effective evaluation and assessment practices and treatment interventions. In addition, when you choose the Psychological Services Center, you benefit from the enrichment of a team-based treatment approach where your clinician receives intensive supervisory input.

At our core, the Psychological Services Center believes in inclusiveness and equity, which includes affordable mental health services, LGBTQIA+ affirming mental health services, and multiculturally informed care.

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment, call 314-977-2278.

The receptionist will ask for your contact information and then one of our intake staff, a graduate trainee, will call you for a 20-30 minute intake interview (via phone). The purpose of the interview is to identify the services you need and match you with a clinician who is best suited to provide those services. If we cannot provide the services you need, we will give you the name(s) of other providers. All requests for services are handled confidentially.

We aim to contact you for the intake interview via phone within 48 hours after you have initially called. Once your intake is complete, we seek to schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible, though the timeline varies based on services and clinician availability. If you need specialized treatment or assessment (e.g., child, trauma, eating disorders), it can sometimes take longer since the clinician might not be immediately available.


Morrissey Hall


The Psychological Services Center is on the north campus of Saint Louis University. We are on the first floor of Morrissey Hall and can be accessed via stairs or ramp. You can enter the building from the main entrance on Lindell, and the Psychological Services Center will be room 1200, the second door on the right. Alternatively, you can enter the building via the doors on the east side, at the parking lot, and take the elevator or stairs up to the first floor.

We offer free parking to clients and prospective clients at the parking lot just west of the Morrissey Hall building. The parking lot (the John Carroll Parking Lot) is best identified by the colorful mural on the building next to it. Clients and prospective clients should park in a "clinic parking only" spot, and you will receive a parking pass once you check in at the Psychological Services Center.