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Study Abroad Opportunities

 Today’s business opportunities are unlimited; however, doing business with customers around the world requires an understanding of how business practices must adjust to accommodate cultural, social, economic, political, religious or geographic differences.

Full immersion into another culture provides a heightened sensitivity to and respect for the diversity in our world. It also educates you on the ways you need to adjust your actions to assure a positive working relationship.

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business and the Boeing Institute of International Business offer undergraduate and graduate study abroad opportunities for business students.

Undergraduate Business Study Abroad Programs

What to Expect

Undergraduate business students at SLU have a wide array of options to choose from when considering a study abroad destination, each different from the other, as noted below.

Some of our study abroad partner universities teach in English while others are in their native language. Some are business schools while others are liberal arts schools. Some allow SLU enrollment and SLU tuition (with some financial aid applicable). Credits may transfer to SLU for a “C” grade or higher. Some programs are a year while others are for a semester or shorter length.

Study Abroad Program Types

Exchange Program

Our exchange programs are partnerships with world-renowned international business schools around the globe. Explore where you can study abroad below, but do not contact the schools directly as there is a formal application process through the Chaifetz School.

Short-Stay Programs

Short stay programs are held during the spring semester and are intensive courses that explore the culture, economy, legal, political and business environments of an emerging market. These three-credit courses consist of:

  • Lectures and seminars on the Saint Louis University campus before the immersion experience, including virtual meetings with companies.
  • The immersion experience, including company-sponsored projects and activities related to the culture and business of the country including company visits and tours of key attractions highlighting the country’s history and economy.
  • Seminars on the Saint Louis University campus after the immersion experience, including students presenting their findings on the company-sponsored project.

Current Short-Stay Programs

Budapest, Hungary
Immersion dates: Spring Break
Estimated cost: $1250. Estimated costs do not include airfare, passport, and personal expenses such as food.

Panama City, Panama
Immersion dates: Winter Break
Estimated cost: $1000. Estimated costs do not include airfare, passport, and personal expenses such as food.


Tuition depends on the number of registered credit hours as follows:

  • If you register for 12-18 credit hours, the tuition for this course is included in your flat rate spring tuition bill.
  • If you exceed 18 credit hours in the spring or are not a Saint Louis University student, you will be billed for an additional three-credit hours.
Academic Policies for Studying Abroad

Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA to be approved for study abroad. Some destinations may require a higher GPA, so be sure to check.

The best time to study abroad is during the sophomore year or the first semester of the junior year (unless you are a student pursuing a major in economics or international business who has the option to complete the degree at the Madrid campus, remaining overseas in your senior year).
Start planning with your academic advisor as a freshman, so you know which courses to take at SLU and which to take overseas, based on residency and graduation requirements.
It is advisable to save some of the Arts and Sciences core and elective courses for the overseas experience.

There is no right or wrong way to approach study abroad — as long as you end up filling out all the paperwork required by the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business, SLU and the destination university.

It is best to research the destinations first and select one or two of interest. If you want to transfer credit from these schools toward your degree at SLU, meet with an advisor and obtain and review a list of courses offered by your destination university.

Graduate Study Abroad Programs

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business offers short-stay study abroad programs for graduate business students.

May Study Abroad in Spain

Location: Saint Louis University’s Madrid campus
Courses: European Business Strategy and Seminar in Financial Reporting

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business' Boeing Institute of International Business offers two exceptional study abroad opportunities for graduate business students at the Saint Louis University Madrid campus.