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Business Student Organizations Policies & Procedures

The policies and procedures below govern Chaifetz School of Business student clubs and are meant to provide additional guidance and resources to student leaders.

Alcohol Policy

  • No alcohol can be served at any Chaifetz School student club event. If your club’s name is attached to an event, your club is responsible for enforcing this rule.

CSO Student Handbook and Resources

  • All student organizations, including business clubs, are expected to follow the rules outlined in the CSO Handbook. A copy of the handbook can be found here.
  • Deviation from these rules can result in a hearing through the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards and possible club deactivation.
  • Please use these resources to assist in planning and facilitating programs/events for your student organizations.

Business School Announcements

  • Announcements can be sent to all Chaifetz School students every other Monday through a weekly newsletter starting September 16, 2019. If you would like your information to be sent to all Chaifetz School students, please add the promotion information to the document in this folder by Wednesday of the previous week. If you have any questions about the newsletter, email Olivia Tran at
  • If you would like to promote your event on the Business School calendar, please submit a calendar event with a Message for Administrator to add the event to the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business calendar.
  • Announcements can also be posted on the television screen in the Chaifetz School Atrium and electronic directories. Please email a PDF or JPEG announcement to Mike Bauer at one week in advance. Slides are on the screen for 15 seconds, so please be concise.
    • We require the size to be 16:9 (example 16 inches wide by 9 inches high). If you are creating in PowerPoint, you can easily format to this size by going to DESIGN > SLIDE SIZE (top right corner) > WIDESCREEN 16:9. Please save and send the file as a PDF (pwt or word doc not accepted). We are no longer accepting traditional flyer sizes. Please limit slides to one per event.
    • We request that SLU branding be followed when creating TV slides if your student organization doesn't have specific branding. Visit SLU MarCom for detailed information on SLU fonts, colors and logo best practices.

Beverage Cart / Speaker Gifts / Guest Parking Pass

  • Business Student Organizations (BSO) are responsible for making their own beverage cart for meetings. Carts, beverages, and other supplies are in the Technology Service Center (473 Davis-Shaughnessy Hall).
  • A Beverage Request Form must be completed and turned in to a Technology Service Center desk worker (473 Davis-Shaughnessy Hall) 24 hours prior to your event to ensure adequate inventory is available.
  • A representative from your BSO must return to the Technology Service Center (473 Davis-Shaughnessy Hall) the day of your event to prepare and take your beverage cart to your meeting. Beverage carts must be made during normal Technology Service Center hours (8:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Friday). Beverage carts must be made before the Technology Service center closes.
  • After your meeting, a representative from your BSO must return the beverage cart to the Club Room (161 Davis-Shaughnessy Hall). Technology Service Center staff will retrieve it the following day.
  • You may also request a guest speaker gift and / or parking pass for your guest(s) attending your Business Student Organization meeting. These options are found on the Beverage Request Form.

Club Room

  • The club room is for club meetings and other club business.
  • All meetings/use of the room must be booked through Olivia Tran at
  • If you are having a meeting that is not scheduled on the Club Room Calendar you will be asked to leave.
  • If you are studying in the club room or using it for another purpose, you will be asked to leave.

Copy and Printing Policy

  • Club representatives who wish to make copies of flyers, signs and handouts must get a fund number from Student Involvement, BSC 319. After they receive the fund number, they may make copies at IMC located on the 1st floor of Pius Library.
  • Smaller print requests (less than 100 copies) can be made through the Chaifetz School of Business Communications Center by filling out a green Work Request Form in 473 Davis-Shaughnessy Hall. Completed copies can be picked up in 473 Davis-Shaughnessy Hall (allow 2 days for printing to be completed).

Finances & Funding (subject to allotted SGA budget for each club)

  • To order pizza for your group’s meeting or event, please fill out the Pizza Order form available in SLU Groups (the Pizza Order form can be found under “Campus Links” in the bottom right hand corner of the page).
  • To purchase SGA approved supplies or items on a University purchasing card (P-Card), please reserve the card via SLU Groups (the P-Card Reservation form can be found under “Campus Links” in the bottom right hand corner of the page).
  • For questions and support about your fund, please contact Christian Shields in the Student Involvement Center at or email


  • Each business club and organization has a mailbox for incoming mail. The mailboxes are located in the club room. Please check your mailbox weekly.

Posting Signs

  • All signage must be approved in the Academic Programs & Student Services Office (CK 130) before posting in the Business School.
  • Only post signs on the bulletin boards located in the stairwells, classrooms and break-out rooms. Do not tape or tack signs to walls, bathroom stalls or glass cases. Use bulletin boards only.
  • If a sign is to be posted anywhere outside of the Chaifetz School of Business, each sign must be individually approved and stamped at the Student Involvement Center in the BSC.

Atrium Rules

  • Clubs may display one banner in the Atrium for a maximum of 5 days.
  • When hanging a banner in the Atrium, please be respectful and do not cover flags or other decorations already in place. You can hang a banner on the bottom of the rail.
  • Banners must be approved in the Dean’s Suite (DS 200) prior to hanging.
  • Music in the Atrium must be turned off by 5:55 p.m.

Reserving a Room

  • Room reservation information can be found here.