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Saint Louis University Branding

A brand is a powerful tool. It identifies where an organization is, where it's been and where it's going. Saint Louis University's official brand identity helps us communicate what's different about SLU, the University's DNA. 

SLU's Visual Identity

Keep the look and feel of the University's branding consistent in print and digital marketing materials. The fonts, colors and iconography chosen should not be modified in any way and should be used only after consulting with the Division of Marketing and Communications. 

Logos and Wordmarks

A mark identifies a brand. It serves as both a flag and a signature. It should be instantly recognizable and unique. Every mark communicates a message, and SLU's mark is no different, representing its values and vision.

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Design Conventions

Let the content speak. Legibility and simplicity are the essence of the SLU approach to design. Function over flair. Our goal is to clarify the complicated for our audiences.

To reflect our personality and brand platform, we use blocks, grids and structure elements to align and communicate visual information. The intentional use of negative space and minimal embellishment will enhance your audience’s ability to understand your message.

Design Tips: Keep it Simple

  • Distill your message to core elements. Keep your audience engaged by using large headlines, a single image and short, direct copy. The use of simple iconography and large numbers visually communicates information in a simple way that draws readers’ attention.
  • Establish a bold look. Bold, unembellished use of typography and color can effectively set the tone of any communication.
  • Less copy is more effective. Bold typography and direct content are most effective in communicating a clear and concise message and making legibility a priority.

Writing About SLU

Many Saint Louis University communications incorporate the phrase "Higher purpose. Greater good." More than just a tagline, the phrase embodies the Society of Jesus' nearly 500-year history of service for the greater glory of God. It also represents SLU's mission and touches on the things that make the University distinctive. 

It works as a compass, keeping Saint Louis University true to who it is. Through it, SLU communicates its beliefs and shares its story within the community and with the world.

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