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Writing About Saint Louis University

Telling the story of Saint Louis University happens in many ways. Whether you are writing content for, social media, marketing or a publication, our SLU style guide, boilerplate and brand talking points will help maintain consistency.

Describe SLU Using Boilerplate Language

At fewer than 75 words, the boilerplate is the most succinct way to describe Saint Louis University.

Read the Saint Louis University Boilerplate

Learn SLU's Writing Style

Marcom uses the Associated Press Stylebook for our digital and print communications. For exceptions to that style, or SLU-specific terminology, we offer an A-to-Z listing of proper names around the University, frequently misspelled words and more.

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Use Our Tagline: Higher purpose. Greater good.

Saint Louis University's tagline is "Higher purpose. Greater good." Following are some proof-points that you can include in written copy about Saint Louis University that illustrate the concepts the tagline is meant to represent.

  • Saint Louis University is recognized as one of the nation’s top colleges for community service engagement and meaningful impact. Students, faculty and staff members cumulatively complete 1.6 million hours of service each year.
  • SLU Vaccine Center has played a key role in COVID-19 vaccine testing, and 60 researchers across 20 departments are involved in projects related to COVID-19. 
  • Newly established SLU research institutes, including the Institute for Healing Justice and Equity, the WATER Institute and the Advanced Health Data Institute empower SLU researchers to find innovative solutions to today’s most pressing health and social justice problems.
  • The School of Law's legal clinics provide free legal services to clients in need of representation and advocacy. 
  • Through the University’s Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic and, clients who would otherwise not have access to assessment or treatment receive needed care. 
  • Saint Louis University partnered with Habitat for Neighborhood Business (HNB) in conjunction to create the Family Dinner Project, providing more than 200 Saint Louis Public Schools families free, nourishing meals through collaboration with the St. Louis Area Foodbank.
  • The University is the founding and sustaining sponsor of Casa de Salud, a health clinic for immigrants
  • SLU-Madrid has established a lasting partnership with the non-profit organization, Rescate to support refugees though volunteer activities, internships and social justice projects.

Dos and Don'ts

When using "Higher purpose. Greater good." in any way, it's important to keep in mind the universal nature of the brand. The phrase overarches sub-brands of the University, such as Be a Billiken, and represents SLU as a whole. Before using any visual element of "Higher purpose. Greater good." in print, on the web or in advertising, please contact Saint Louis University's Marketing and Communications Division.

As a reminder, the following Dos and Don'ts apply when working with SLU's brands.


  • Do feel free to incorporate the phrase "Higher purpose. Greater good." or link to the refreshed University boilerplate in the About Us or other introductory areas of your web pages and/or social media channels.
  • Do touch on the "Higher purpose. Greater good." themes when writing content for your web pages or social media channels. Tell the stories that illustrate the phrase and show that this is not just branding, it is a reflection of what SLU has been and what it will be in the future.


  • Don't create taglines unique to your school or college or program. "Higher purpose. Greater good." is an overarching tagline that belongs to all of SLU. Contact the Marketing and Communications Division to learn how to integrate it into your materials. 
  • Don't make visual changes that incorporate "Higher purpose. Greater good." to your web pages — in or out of the CMS — or social media platforms in ANY form (banners, viewers, cover photos, icons) without consulting with staff in the Division of Marketing and Communications.
  • Don't mix branding messages. For example, "Higher purpose. Greater good." and "Be a Billiken" each have a particular target market, look and feel, as do other University sub-brands. If you need guidance on what branding to use when, contact the Division of Marketing and Communications.
  • Don’t alter the words in "Higher purpose. Greater good." And don’t create alternative, similar phrases for use by your unit.
  • Don't use the phrase "Where Knowledge Touches Lives."