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Undergraduate Field Experience

As an undergraduate student in the Saint Louis University School of Education, you will have opportunities to work directly with students in classrooms prior to graduation.

Undergraduate student with grade school students

Undergraduate students will work in local schools as they pursue their degrees.

To be eligible for experiences in the educational field, preservice teachers and teacher candidates must file certain clearance documents with the Office of Educational Field Experiences, including a signed field experience code of ethics and conduct. Failure to uphold the ethics described in this document may result in removal of the student from the field site and/or hearing procedures to determine individual consequences. Full descriptions of each field experience level are available.

Additional documents may be required depending on the location of your field experience.

All clearance documents are due no later than the third Wednesday of the semester.

Mid-Level Experiences (Level 2)

Type: Curriculum and Methods courses (September experience non-­site-­based methods courses)

Required Clearance Documents:


In order to maintain your privacy, the clearance documents are only seen by the Office of Educational Field Experiences faculty and staff who have completed specific security training. These documents are securely stored physically and digitally in accordance with SLU's Office of University Compliance regulations.