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Spanish, M.A. (Madrid)

The Master of Arts in Spanish from SLU-Madrid provides students with a generalist foundation in Spanish Peninsular and Latin American literature, teaching and applied linguistics.

Spanish, M.A. at SLU-Madrid

M.A. in Spanish

Saint Louis University's master's program in Spanish will immerse you in the language and its cultures, and provide you with the tools to achieve high standards of literary scholarship. The program is designed for holders of a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish or a related field, language educators, and literary scholars.

You'll gain an appreciation of the cultural and historical events that have shaped Spain and the Americas and their artistic and literary movements. The program will enhance your academic fluency and accuracy of expression, as well as your knowledge of the Spanish language and literature in its historical and geographical contexts. Finally, you'll learn to identify the best pedagogical practices based on theoretical understandings of language teaching and learning.

All courses required for the M.A. in Spanish can be taken both during the traditional academic year and over four or five summers, or in a combination of both ways. You can also fulfill requirements for the M.A. in Spanish through a combination of study at the Madrid Campus and the St. Louis Campus.

Obtener mi Máster en español en SLU-Madrid ha sido la experiencia académica más gratificante de mi vida, y me ha dado recuerdos que durarán toda la vida."

- Kristen Rader, M.A. in Spanish

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Curriculum Overview

Our program is divided into two stages: The first consists of advanced study through the completion of several courses worth 30 credit hours. This includes six credit hours of Peninsular Spanish studies; six credit hours of Latin American studies; and six credit hours of teaching methods or linguistics. The remaining 12 credit hours may be distributed according to interest.

The second stage is developed independently by the student, through the reading of a list of selected books and articles. After completing the courses and reading the works on the list, you'll demonstrate that you have fulfilled the goals and desired outcomes of the program through written and oral exams.

Students starting before Summer 2019 will have to take one written exam with two parts: one based on the general reading list common to all students, the second based on a specialty list chosen by each student: poesía, prosa, teatro or lingüística. Note that the lists are subject to change. Students are examined on the list in effect on their start date in the program.

For students starting in Summer 2019 or afterward, there is only one written exam based on the new reading list (this one without specialty list).

After completing the written exam, the students take one final oral exam; the questions during the exam relate to the courses that the student has taken.

The final steps for degree completion are to complete the application for the degree and send it to the master's candidacy advisor on the St. Louis campus. Students must review and sign the degree audit and send it to the program coordinator in Madrid. You will be responsible for following these procedures, and for checking your SLU email account in order to be informed and to respond by the deadline dates.

Internships and Careers

Many of our graduates continue their studies in a Ph.D. program in Spanish or a related field. Our graduates are also professors, writers, language program directors, speech pathologists, lawyers, market researchers, interpreters and translators, and leaders of international institutions and international relations.


Our Spanish faculty hold doctoral degrees from leading Spanish, American and European universities, offering the program a wealth of knowledge and research across a diverse range of literary movements in Spain and Latin America, as well as in applied linguistics.

Tuition and Fees

SLU-Madrid is committed to providing a quality Jesuit education at an affordable price. Tuition rates at the Madrid Campus are approximately 40% lower than at comparable private universities in the U.S.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a financial aid officer, email us at

Tuition and Fees
Scholarships and Financial Aid


Applicants should hold a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish or equivalent with an excellent academic record. 

Admissions Requirements and Procedures

Flexible Schedule

Earn an M.A. during the summer

We offer the option of earning the M.A. in Spanish during the summer only. A popular option for language teachers, students can enroll in graduate classes that run from late June to the end of July and complete the full degree over four or five summers. This allows teachers to focus on their job during the school year and spend the summers getting back in touch with the passion that started them off on their teaching career.

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