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Otolaryngology News and Events

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

Tasting Your Thanksgiving Meal

Picture of Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

December 2021
Dr. Antisdel was interviewed on Fox 2 about tasting your Thanksgiving meal.

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

Cold and Flu Season

Pic of Jastin Antisdel, M.D. in whitecoat

November 2021
Dr. Antisdel was interviewed on KTRS-AM 550 about effective remedies for battling colds and the flu.

Sean Massa, M.D.

CT Finds Secondary Lung Disease in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Head shot of Sean Massa, M.D.

November 2021
Dr. Massa was quoted on AuntMinnie about secondary lung disease in head and neck cancer survivors. Massa also was quoted in Radiology Business and MDAlert on the same topic.

Sean Massa, M.D.

Head and Neck Cancer: Palliative Care Can Mitigate Risk of Suicide

Head shot of Sean Massa, M.D.

October 2021
Dr. Massa was quoted in Physician's Weekly about palliative care mitigating suicide risks for U.S. veterans with head and neck cancer.

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

Fall Allergies: COVID-19, Cold, or Flu? St. Louis Weather Keeps You Guessing

Picture of Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

October 2021
Dr. Antisdel was interviewed on KSDK-TV Ch.5 about the importance of recognizing the difference in symptoms for COVID-19, cold, and flu. This story also ran on Newsbreak.

St. Louis Magazine, Top Doctors 2021

Congratulations to our otolaryngologists who were included on St. Louis Magazine's Top Doctors of 2021.

Adult Physicians Pediatric Physicians
Jack Eisenbeis, M.D. Jennifer Brinkmeier, M.D.
Joshua Hentzelman, M.D. Adrienne Childers, M.D.
Anthony Mikulec, M.D. Dary Costa, M.D.
Thomas Sanford. M.D.  

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

Ways to Regain Senses of Smell and Taste after COVID-19

Head shot of Jastin Antisdel, M.D.- Otolaryngology

May 2021
Dr. Antisdel was interviewed on KSDK-TV Ch.5 about regaining senses of smell and taste after COVID-19.

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

Knowing the Difference Between Allergies and Sinusitis

Head shot of Jastin Antisdel, M.D.- Otolaryngology

May 2021
Dr. Antisdel discusses the symptoms of allergies and sinusitis with Fox 2 News St. Louis.

Sarah Keenan, DNP

Tips to Get Relief During Allergy Season

Head shot of Sarah Keenan, DNP- Otolaryngology

April 2021
Dr. Keenan discusses tips for getting relief during allergy season with Fox 2 News St. Louis.

Collin Chen, M.D.

Expert Tips: What Can You Do to Combat Nose Troubles?

Head shot of Collin Chen, M.D., Otolaryngology

March 2021
Dr. Chen discusses the implication of a stuffy nose that continues beyond allergy season on Fox 2 News St. Louis.

Dave Harris, Ph.D.

Masks Out Those with Hearing Problems Who Have Been Reading Lips

Head shot of Dave Harris, Ph.D., Otolaryngology

March 2021
Dr. Harris talks about hearing loss during the pandemic on Fox 2 News St. Louis.

Paige Campbell, Clinical Esthetician

How to Combat Dry Winter Skin

PHead shot of Paige Gardner - Otolaryngology

February 2021
Paige Campbell was interviewed by Randi Naughton on Fox 2 News St. Louis talks about remedies for dry winter skin.

Joe Brunworth, M.D.

When to Seek Medical Attention for Sinusitis


February 2021
Dr. Brunworth was interviewed by Randi Naughton on Fox 2 News St. Louis discussing symptoms of sinusitis.

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

What Do People With Allergies Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine?


February 2021
Dr. Antisdel was featured on KMOV4 St. Louis discussing allergies and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Jastin Antisdel, M.D.

Take a Deep Breath: SLUCare Physician Group


January 2021
Dr. Antisdel was featured in Town & Style discussing sinus and airway problems.


2020 News

November: Collin Chen, M.D.
Town & Style, Fox 2 News St. LouisFacial treatments that can help renew and freshen your skin

November: Joe Brunworth, M.D.
Town & Style, Fox 2 News St. Louis, Fox 4 News Kansas CityAllergy relief and the weather

November: Collin Chen, M.D.
SLUCare YouTube Channel Otolaryngology Welcomes New Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

February: Frank Simo, M.D.
Fox 2 News , Health Watch – Revealing a More Youthful You with a Facelift
Facelift options offered by SLUCare Otolaryngology Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

February: Jastin Antisdel, M.D.
Town & Style Saint Louis, "Sinus Relief" Treatment plans available for sinusitis and sinus infections

January: Joe Brunworth, M.D.
Fox 2 News, Health Watch – See Saw Temps Can Bring on Sinusitis
How to distinguish between allergies and something more serious

January: Paige Campbell
Town & Style Saint Louis, It's Time to Face Spring
Rejuvenation procedures to energize your face

January: Joe Brunworth, M.D.
St. Louis Post Dispatch , SLUCare Specialists Offer Relief from Chronic Sinus Infections
How to manage and treat chronic sinus infections

January: Haley Bray, M.D.
Skin, Inc., Melanoma Rates Increase Dramatically in Young AdultsIncrease of melanoma in young adults

January: Paige Campbell
Fox 2 News , Health Watch - Options for Rejuvenating Your Skin
Non-surgical rejuvenation options

2019 News

November: Haley Bray, M.D.
Illinois Public Radio, St. Louis Public Radio, KBIA-FM91.3
Local radio stations cover melanoma research

October: Frank Simo, M.D.
Fox 2 News, Reshaping the Nose through Rhinoplasty
Cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty procedures

October: Jack Eisenbeis, M.D.
Fox 2 News, Frontenac School Hosts Open Forum with Students and Doctors to Discuss Vaping Dangers
The dangers of vaping for teenagers

October: Melanoma research by Haley Bray, M.D., Jennifer Brinkmeier, M.D., Nosazuwa Osazuwa-Peters, Ph.D., Matthew Simpson, MPH
SLU News, Otolaryngology Research on Head and Neck Melanoma in Younger Patients
Head and neck melanoma among pediatric, adolescent and young adult patients increased 51.5% from 1995 to 2014

September: Frank Simo, M.D.
Town & Style Saint Louis, Restore Your Skin
Safe and effective skin care treatments to restore youthful skin

September: Frank Simo, M.D.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Turning Back the Clock through Cosmetic Facial Surgery
Plastic surgery procedures offered through SLUCare Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery

August: Joe Brunworth, M.D.
Town & Style Saint Louis, Clearing Up Allergies & Colds
The importance of knowing the shared and unique symptoms of the common cold and seasonal allergies

June: Drs. Jack Eisenbeis and Joe Brunworth
SLUCare, The Science of Healing: Medical Mission
Otolaryngologists lead two Honduras brigades in service to the less fortunate each year, Spring and Fall

May: Joe Brunworth, M.D.
Fox 2 News, Health Watch: Watery Eyes May Mean Blocked Tear Ducts
SLUCare treatments for blocked tear ducts

April: Joe Brunworth, M.D.
KSDK Channel 5, Allergy Season More Severe Than Usual
The importance of knowing the shared and unique symptoms of the common cold and seasonal allergies

April: Dave Harris, Ph.D.,
Town & Style, Listen Up: SLUCare Physician Group
The benefits of hearing aids

February: Greg Ward, M.D.
Fox 2 News, SSM Health Steps into the Future with Robotic Surgery
Introducing "flexible" robotic surgery for patients with head and neck or colorectal cancers

2018 News

November: Samkon Gado, M.D.
Fox 2 News, Former NFL Football Player Turned Physician
Doctor relays the story of his football career and aspirations to open a hospital in Nigeria

June: Greg Ward, M.D.
Town & Style, Be Aware: SLUCare Physician Group
Awareness, prevention, early detection of HPV (human papillomavirus) and the importance for at-risk men to be evaluated regularly for oropharyngeal cancer

2017 News

February: Samkon Gado, M.D.,
SLUCare, Former NFL Running Back now a SLU Otolaryngology Resident
“Medical school was always Plan A. Football wasn’t even Plan B – it was a dream.” ~Dr. Gado


Dave Harris, Ph.D., MBA
2021: Masters of Business Administration, Saint Louis University

Sean Massa, M.D., MSCI
2021: Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation, Washington University

Jennifer Brinkmeier, M.D.
2019: Chosen for Clinical Research Scholars Program
Congratulations to Dr. Brinkmeier, who was named to the inaugural cohort of the Clinical Research Scholars Program offered by the Saint Louis University Center for Health Outcomes Research (SLUCOR). Scholars were chosen based on their potential for research scholarship and external funding. Dr. Brinkmeier will have the opportunity to work with clinical research mentors, receive assistance developing a research agenda and timeline of activities, access SLUCOR data resources, and access to analytic support for her work. Dr. Antisdel, Chair of Otolaryngology, commended Dr. Brinkmeier stating, "This is a very exciting opportunity for her research career and an excellent chance for her to bring new knowledge and skills to our department."

Michelle Payne, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCS-S
2019: Receives Board Certification in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders
Congratulations to Michelle Payne, who became a Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S) in July 2019. According to the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders, "the BCS-S specialist provides appropriate, evidence-based treatment techniques to address the swallowing problem(s) of each individual, based upon the comprehensive swallowing assessment." To earn this certification, Michelle devoted a significant amount of time advancing her clinical practice providing the latest clinical approaches to treat dysphagia and increasing her knowledge of current advances on research in this field. Michelle is one of two speech-language pathologists who is a board-certified specialist in swallowing and swallowing disorders in Saint Louis.

Samkon Gado, M.D.
2018: 3rd Quarter Humanistic Healing Award Recipient
Dr. Gado is a true advocate for each patient he sees. He has excellent bedside manner and delivers holistic, innovative, and spiritual care through his outreach to Nigeria and for the patients of our community. Gado saw a patient with nasal complaints and took the time to provide routine care and explain the dangers of chronic daily opioid use. He personally accompanied a patient to the hospital for admission and took additional time to speak with the family of a disabled patient who needed extra attention for recurrent nosebleeds.