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Research Resources and FAQ

Saint Louis University's Office of the Vice President for Research is a comprehensive source of information about policies that govern research of all kinds and resources that are available to University researchers. 

Frequently Used Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help with study design, power calculations and/or statistical analysis for my clinical trial application?

The Saint Louis University Center for Health Outcomes Research provides consulting on a fee-for-service basis covering study design, data collection, database design and management, statistical analysis and interpretation. 

Can someone critique my grant proposal before I submit it?

An internal study section has been created for this purpose. Faculty who plan to submit to the internal study section must inform the Research Planning Committee via Denise Johnson, director of planning and operations for the School of Medicine, at at least eight weeks prior to the grant deadline. Include a letter of intent that lists the title of the proposal, the agency targeted for submission, the submission deadline and the names of members of the study section who should act as reviewers.

The proposal must then be received by the Research Planning Committee within three weeks from the letter of intent. The committee will assign the proposal to two or three members of the study section for evaluation and will inform the applicant accordingly. Reviews will be returned to the applicant within three weeks to allow enough time (at least two weeks) for the applicant to review the feedback received, discuss the proposal further with the reviewers and amend the application as needed prior to submission.

Who is my ORDS representative?

Your ORDS representative depends on the department of your primary appointment. SLU's Office of Research Development and Services maintains a comprehensive list.

I have a new idea, but need some seed money to generate preliminary data for a funding application. Where can I apply for seed money?

The University has a number of internal award programs, including a competitive seed grant program called the Presidents Research Fund. Learn more.

Saint Louis University School of Medicine faculty are also eligible to join the Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences at Washington University and to apply for seed grant funds through this NIH-funded program. Learn more.

There are several fields on my NIH form that require numbers (e.g., DUNS number, EIN number, Congressional district). Where can I find this information?

The following information about SLU may be helpful. 

  • NIH Entity Identification Number: 1430654872A1
  • NIH Institutional Profile: 7915401
  • DUNS Number: 050220722
  • Congressional District: MO-001

Additional Commonly Needed Information