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Computing Resources at Saint Louis University

The Saint Louis University Research Computing Group (SLU-RC) "Aries" cluster is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) system. The system is currently configured with 678 compute cores and 3.6TB RAM, with several compute nodes having up to 0.5 TB of RAM. The cluster’s backbone is a 56Gb/Sec EDR InfiniBand which is used for high-speed internal communication and storage. For storage, a project space consisting of 180TB of HDD is provided, along with a high-speed scratch space consisting of approximately 130TB of NVMe flash storage space. The cluster is connected to the Saint Louis University internal network through the head node at 1Gb/Sec and through the transfer node at 10Gb/Sec.

For those in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department, it has around 30 iMacs currently in use across the department using around 850TB of storage including a 600TB HDD storage space. The department also operates 8 GPU servers each using 4 GPUs totaling 32 GPUs with 788 teraflops of compute power. The network is connected across a 10Gb/Sec.