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Research Strategy Group

Research@SLU engages people, disciplines (sciences, arts, engineering, etc), outreach, service, education, philanthropy, investment, policy, governance, and global cooperation.  Consequently, the Research Strategy Group’s (RSG) definition of research strategy, support, and innovation is necessarily broad.

The Research Strategy Group (RSG) therefore aims to:

  • Employ creative solutions to optimize the preparation of competitive research proposals and their implementation.
  • Build on SLU’s Jesuit culture of service and global concern in order to embrace a core of regional and global collaboration and knowledge building by means of a robust research capacity across the University, other institutions, disciplines and methods.
  • Catalyze and cultivate interdisciplinary creativity while identifying and developing collaborative research pathways that position SLU to lead.
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and understanding in order to amplify diverse perspectives and experiences that drive the best possible research.
  • Empower individuals and teams to lead strategic research endeavors with global concern, cooperation and impact.