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Flight Science, Minor

All Saint Louis University undergraduate students, including those who have not declared a specific major or are pursuing pre-professional programs such as pre-law and pre-medicine, are eligible to obtain a minor in flight science.

This minor will enable the students to obtain their private pilot certificate, instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate and multiengine rating. Note: Additional fees apply to all flight courses—contact SLU's Department of Aviation Science for current rates. 

ASCI 1300Aviation Weather3
FSCI 1150Flight 13
FSCI 1250Basic Flight Foundations3
FSCI 1550Flight 23
FSCI 2150Flight 33
FSCI 2250Instrument Flight Foundations3
FSCI 2550Flight 43
FSCI 2650Navigation Foundations3
FSCI 3550Flight 53
Total Credits27

Program Notes

The Department of Aviation Science will give priority registration to students enrolled in the B.S. in Aeronautics degree. Students pursuing majors outside the Department of Aviation Science are eligible to pursue the minor in Flight Science only if flight slots are available. Each semester, students pursing the minor will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

Continuation Standards

A student may remain academically eligible to continue coursework in the department’s academic concentrations by maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.00 or the equivalent of a letter grade of “C.”

Any student receiving a single “C-”, “D”, “F,” or “U” grade in a course with an ASCI or FSCI prefix that is required for graduation in the aviation management or flight science concentration or flight science minor will be required to repeat the course in which the “C-”, “D”, “F,” or “U” grade was received. If the course is a prerequisite to another course in the aviation management or flight science concentration, the student will be required to repeat the course in which the “C-”, “D”, “F,” or “U” grade was received. The student will not be allowed to progress into the subsequent course until a grade of C is achieved in the prerequisite course.

Students enrolled in the flight science minor are allowed two attempts to earn a grade of “C” or better in any of the flight courses that are part of the minor. A student receiving a “C-”, “D”, “F,” or “U” grade in a repeated course is subject to dismissal from the program.

Good Standing

Students are considered to be in good academic standing if they are not on probation (either University probation or program probation) and have not been dismissed or suspended from Saint Louis University.

See Information Concerning University Probation

Students in the flight science concentration or minor may not enroll in a flight course while on University probation. A student previously on University probation will be allowed to enroll in a flight course once their academic status is listed as “good standing.”

An appeal of a grade, progression in the concentration or minor, or dismissal from the concentration or minor may be made in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Department of Aviation Science Student Appeal Process, a copy of which can be obtained from the department chairperson or from the School of Science and Engineering Office of the Dean.

Students should be aware that situations such as those described above could jeopardize one’s planned graduation date due to the manner in which courses are scheduled each academic year.