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1818 Liaisons and Departments

Faculty liaisons serve as a bridge between Saint Louis University and our partner high school instructors. They approve and oversee the curriculum taught in our program and provide guidance to 1818 instructors to ensure that the courses being taught in our program meet accreditation standards governed by the Higher Learning Commission. Each discipline offered in our program has a corresponding faculty liaison.

Faculty Liaison Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding curriculum, syllabi review or anything related to 1818 coursework, please contact the appropriate liaison listed below or contact us at


Betsy Angeli, Ph.D. 


Paul Jelliss, Ph.D. 


Dan Kozlowski, Ph.D. 

Computer Science

David Ferry, Ph.D. 

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dan Hanes, Ph.D. 


Andy Harper, Ph.D.

Sheri McCord, Ph.D. 

Fine and Performing Arts - Art History

Bradley Bailey, Ph.D. 

Fine and Performing Arts - Music

Robert Hughes, Ph.D. 

Fine and Performing Arts - Theater

Tomas Martin, M.F.A. 

Forensic Science

Barb Weekley, M.A. 


Thomas Finan, Ph.D. 

Languages - Chinese

Yun Lee, Ph.D. 

Languages - French

Arline Cravens, Ph.D. 

Languages - German

Evelyn Wisbey 

Languages - Latin and Greek

Joan Hart-Hasler, Ph.D. 

Languages - Russian

Elizabeth Blake, Ph.D. 

Languages - Spanish

Germán Lorenzo Ayala, M.A. 

Mathematics - Calculus

Fr. Mike May, S.J., Ph.D.

Julianne Rainbolt, Ph.D. 

Mathematics - College Algebra/Pre-Calculus

Lauren Miller, Ed.D. 

Mathematics - Statistics

Kimberly Druschel, Ph.D. 


James McCollum 


Martin Nikolo, Ph.D.

David Wisbey, Ph.D. 

Political Science

Emmanuel Uwalaka, Ph.D. 


Janet Kuebli, Ph.D. 

Studio Art

Terri Shay, M.F.A. 


Brian Sholl, Ph.D. 

Women's and Gender Studies

Penny Weiss, Ph.D.