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Ninth Annual Health Care Ethics Research Conference

The Saint Louis University Center for Health Care Ethics' Ninth Annual Health Care Ethics Research Conference will be held on April 29, 2022.

This conference is designed to foster advanced academic discourse in fields related to health care ethics, feature and affirm research by health care ethics students, as well as increase awareness of ethical issues in science and medicine to the university and wider community.

The conference will be open and free of charge to anyone in the St. Louis community interested in bioethics and medical humanities. A majority of participants and observers are expected to be members of the Saint Louis University community.

Registration is free.

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Undergrad and grad students of any academic institution and discipline are encouraged to submit abstracts for papers related to bioethics, health care ethics, and medical humanities. 

Submissions are due by March 4. 

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The first- and second-place winner in each of the three categories will receive a cash prize. In addition, the winners of the senior undergraduate category will receive the honor of representing the Center for Health Care Ethics at the Senior Legacy Symposium.

Past Winners 

  • Undergraduate Presentations: Megan Doehner (1st),  Sara Parikh (2nd)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Shannon Quinn & Lauren Cardoza (1st *tied), Katherine Gnanarajah (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Allie Bodin (1st), Matthew Derek Estes (2nd)
  • Poster: Katherine Gnanarajah
  • Undergraduate Presentations: Morgan Kelly (1st),  Elizabeth Rhoades (2nd)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Allie Bodin (1st),  Kelsey King (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Sarah Sawicki (1st - SLU student),  Jayun Bae (1st - Duke student) Addison Tenorio (2nd)
  • Poster: Sidney Smith (1st), Karen Rieffel (2nd)
  • Undergraduate Presentations: Twinkle Patel (1st),  Kay Mastrocola and Ami Patel (2nd *tied)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations:  Lohitha Guntupalli (1st),  Rachel Holtgrive (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Jaime Konerman-Sease (1st),  Jordan Mason (2nd)
  • Undergraduate Presentations: Twinkle Patel & Kay Mastrocola (1st *tied), Catherine Gale (2nd)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Jasman Sidhu (1st), Sweta Boopatiraju (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Ben Parks (1st),  Kirsten Antonacci Dempsey (2nd)
  • Undergraduate Presentations: Manfred Cewe (1st), Catherine Gale (2nd)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Luke Ruzowski (1st), Jennifer Mathews (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Ysabel Johnston (1st),  Anne Freidrich and Jaime Konerman-Sease (2nd *tied)
  • Undergraduate Presentations: Jennifer Mathews (1st), Meghan Campbell (2nd)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Megan Danzo (1st), Catherine Larsen (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Michelle Bach (1st),  Kayla Kostelecky and Ruaim Muaygil (2nd *tied)
  • Undergraduate Presentations: Jennifer Mathews (1st)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Siddharth Bhayani (1st), Vishal Thakkar (2nd)
  • Graduate Presentation: Boaz Goss (1st),  Nathaniel Hibner (2nd)
  • Undergraduate Presentations:  Gabrielle Broders (1st)
  • Senior Undergrad Presentations: Shelly Gulhar (1st)
  • Graduate General Presentation: Rachelle Barinna (1st),  Brad Thornock (2nd)
  • Graduate Theology Presentation: Alyson Isaksson (1st - Loyola University Chicago),  Emily Transick (2nd)