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Department of Communication

Department of Communication

Messages matter. Students pursuing a communication degree at Saint Louis University learn to creatively design, effectively deliver and critically analyze messages to influence, connect and inform.

SLU offers a flexible, engaging communication program with undergraduate and graduate degrees designed to help you meet your personal, academic and professional goals. Our highly regarded faculty lead small classes, allowing you to work closely with professors and classmates. In addition, we offer opportunities for you to get involved on campus and participate in internships off campus. Our students have access to production equipment and software, and a growing network of alumni and supporters ensures that the Department of Communication remains competitive in the workforce and keeps up with evolving technology in the communication field.

Develop your ability to analyze messages, connect ideas and make ethical decisions in a program that:

  • fosters curiosity and creativity.
  • encourages you to ask questions and seek answers.
  • challenges you to be innovative and reflective.

Grow in a program that encourages you to think critically and creatively by offering you opportunities to:

  • create compelling stories.
  • write clear and effective messages.
  • produce digital media content.

Flourish as a student and leader, using what you learn to:

  • bridge cultural differences and understand diverse viewpoints.
  • speak out and promote social justice.
  • apply what you are learning while making a difference in the community.


Get Hands-On Experience

The study of communication at Saint Louis University connects the theory of communication to real-world applications. 

Students can take hands-on courses in areas like writing, digital production and design. Additionally, practicum and internship courses get students into the field early and prepare them for life beyond graduation. SLU's location in the center of a large city provides the opportunity for students to gain experience in a variety of industries, including corporations, nonprofits, media organizations and more. And students can take a course that helps them develop and refine a digital portfolio that represents their professional identity in the field of communication.

Department Mission Statement
The Department of Communication believes that messages matter. 
We foster students’ abilities to produce and interpret messages in an ethical and thoughtful manner, so they can achieve their personal, professional, and civic goals in a diverse, global landscape. 
We facilitate a better understanding of communication across a vast array of contexts in order to improve the quality of people’s lived experiences and create a more inclusive, equitable, and just society.
We serve our university, discipline, and communities as advocates, allies, activists, and scholars.