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Alum Voices

Fine and Performing Arts majors and minors at Saint Louis University acquire knowledge in all areas of creative and artistic endeavors while learning skills that transcend the arts. They carry that knowledge and those skills into a wide range of careers.

Ask any of our graduates in fields of art history, studio art, music, theatre, and dance how they use their  degree, and you are guaranteed to hear a story about how the fine and performing arts have turned them into life-long learners who are inquisitive, creative, and capable of responding quickly to a changing world.

Meet some of our outstanding alums.

Angelique Kuenstler

Angelique Kuenstler

Current job title: Membership Associate at Georgia O'Keeffe Museum,
Santa Fe, NM

Art History, Class of 2021

“SLU’s Art History program provided me with the skills to not only speak about art, but to communicate with people. From classroom discussions to networking opportunities to hands-on experiences, the program refined my ability to approach interactions using descriptive language, critical thinking, and empathy. These skills have enabled me to collaborate with diverse communities both at work and in my post-secondary studies in the Cultural Heritage Management master’s program at Johns Hopkins University, none of which would have been possible without my Art History education at SLU.”

Gretchen Weber

Gretchen Weber

Current job title:  Middle and High School Choir Teacher and Accompanist, Logan-Hocking Middle School,
Logan, OH

Music, Class of  2013

“While a Music Major at SLU, I was taught the true art of collaboration and community through music. Whether it was through piano or voice, or in some other way, I was always learning and working together with other musicians, majors and non-majors alike. I was given so many opportunities by the music faculty at SLU to join other musicians in playing or singing for events or in ensembles both on- and off-campus, and those are some of my favorite memories from my time at SLU. I was able to collaborate with people of different ages, skill sets, and backgrounds, and formed a tight-knit musical community in the process of it all.”

Sonya Williams

Sonya Williams

Current  job title: Art Director, CheckMark, Nestlé Purina's in-house creative agency,
St. Louis, MO

Studio Art, Class of 2016

“SLU's studio art courses and professors prepared me with the technical skills I needed to enter the workforce as a graphic designer. Perhaps even more importantly, I learned to work within a creative team and with clients by participating in the student-run graphic design studio, Tidy Projects. Tidy Projects provided real world experiences that enabled me to successfully transition into a professional creative agency shortly after graduating. The invaluable teamwork and problem solving I experienced as a SLU art student gave me a uniquely strong foundation to launch my design career.”

Maria Maurer

Maria Maurer, Ph.D.

Current  job title: Associate Professor of Art History, University of Tulsa,
Tulsa, OK

Art History Minor, Class of 2003

"I was so fortunate to have professors that encouraged me to think about the arts as a career. Right after SLU I worked in banking for a while (mortgages and then consumer banking), and I know that art history built my writing and critical thinking skills and gave me a broader perspective on the world and its histories. I learned that there are multiple ways to communicate and that one image/text/etc. can have multiple meanings and interpretations. Art history also taught me that context is key - a work of art is enmeshed in a set of socio-cultural mindsets and expectations. And this skill is portable to other situations, courses and careers. Other courses at SLU taught me to write and think, but it was art history that enabled me to situate objects, texts and even corporate cultures within their broader context. Study abroad was important as well, though I imagine you've got that one covered. I was able to study in both Madrid and Beijing - both were eye-opening in terms of experiencing different cultures and visiting works of art and architecture in person."

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