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The French program at Saint Louis University offers a wide variety of courses aimed at mastering the French language and understanding French-speaking cultures.

Student with host family members, wearing winter gear, at an outdoor festival, holding candles with paper holders.

 Yesenia Sanchez ('19) and her host family celebrate the fête des lumières in Lyon, France.

SLU's diverse, interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses such as “French and International Relations,” “Business French,” “French Cinema,” “French and Francophone Media” as well as literature/culture courses from the Middle Ages to the present.
The French experience at SLU extends beyond the classroom walls: we offer frequent “activités cuturelles” open to all levels, and we host a chapter of the national French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi. Our study abroad opportunities include semester- and year-long options in Poitiers and Lyon, France.

Student Profile

Rachel Fox

Rachel Fox stands on a bridge in a city with other people walking by.
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Majors: French, International Studies
Favorite French class: FREN 4340 Age of Enlightenment
Career interests: Working for an NGO that specializes in refugee aid or as a French professor
Research interests: Enlightenment literature and philosophy

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Bonjour! I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. and I am currently a senior majoring in French and International Studies and a first-year master’s student in the accelerated master's program for French. At SLU I enjoy being a member of Alpha Phi Omega and I am also the vice president of Pi Delta Phi. My passion for French was ignited in high school, and the study of this language and culture has opened up many wonderful experiences including a study abroad year in Lyon. My favorite parts about this year were forming a close relationship with my host family, connecting with people from all around the world, and enhancing my appreciation for French language and culture. 

Encouraged by my professors, my studies in French have broadened my worldview, strengthened my critical thinking skills, and challenged me to grow outside of my comfort zone. Following the completion of my master’s degree, I hope to take part in the TAPIF Program, get my Ph.D. in French studies, or work for an NGO whose mission is to aid refugees. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the French program at SLU because of the supportive faculty, the challenging and fulfilling coursework, and the opportunity to share my love of French with others.