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Courses at SLU's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Taking classes offered by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies will introduce you to the middle ages with opportunities to learn about the Vatican Film Library and Pius XII Library’s Rare Book Collection.

If you pursue a degree or concentration through the Center, you will also have the chance to take a capstone course and get hands-on experience through an internship.

  • MR 2000 - Intro. to Medieval Studies (1 Credit Hour)
    Two introductory lectures by representatives of each of the humanities departments and the Department of Political Science, designed to provide an overview of the medieval world from the perspective of the respective disciplines. There will also be one-hour introductions to the Vatican Film Library and the St. Louis Room's Rare Book Collection in the Pius XII Library.
  • MR 2100 - The Medieval World (3 Credit Hours)
    Students will be exposed to the strong medieval tradition at SLU and will gain an appreciation for the Middle Ages through this class.
  • MR 4000 - Medieval Synthesis (2 Credit Hours)
    Capstone course, offered each semester, in which the student writes a research paper on a medieval topic approached from an interdisciplinary point of view, written with the guidance of a member of the faculty.
  • MR 4910 - Internship in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (3 Credit Hours)
    The internship is designed for senior-level students who are going to pursue a graduate degree in medieval studies and who desire to work with a non-SLU entity (Saint Louis Art Museum, for instance) on a project defined as constituting one semester of work. The student must first meet with a faculty member amenable to guide the internship, then present a signed internship form to the director of the program. The internship should entail 120-140 hours of work on a particular project through a semester.