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Emily J. Dumler-Winckler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Constructive Theology
Theological Studies

Courses Taught

Theological Foundations; Incarnation and Incarceration; Gender and Sexuality: Doctrinal Considerations; Political Theology: Community Organizing and Movements; Theology, Race, and Gender: Great Books; Methods in Historical Theology; Survey of Modern Christianity


Ph.D. in Religion and Society, Princeton Theological Seminar, 2015
Th.M. in Moral Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2009
M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2007

Research Interests

  • Constructive Theology (Social, Moral, Political)
  • Pre-modern and Modern Virtue Theory
  • History of Moral Theology
  • Modern Religious Thought
  • Social Theory (Gender, Sexuality and Race)

Publications and Media Placements

Refereed Journal Articles
2018: Forthcoming: “Personal Responsibility in the Face of Structural Evil: Transcendentalist Debates Reconsidered” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, vol. 38.1, Spring/Summer. 

2018: Forthcoming: “‘Can Genius be Taught?’: Emerson’s Genius and the Virtue of Self-Trust” Journal for Moral Education. 

2017: Forthcoming: “The Virtue of Emerson’s Imitation of Christ: Reflections from William Ellery Channing to John Brown” Journal of Religious Ethics. 

2015: “Romanticism as Modern Re-Enchantment: Burke, Kant, and Emerson on Religious Taste” in Journal for the History of Modern Theology / Zeitschrift für Neuere Theologiegeschichte, vol. 22.1, 1-22. 2014: 

“Putting on Virtue Without Putting Off Feminists: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Religious Moral Imagination” Journal of Religious Ethics vol. 43.2, 342-367. 2011: 

“A Profile in Courage: A Young Woman in No Country for Old Men” Koinonia Journal, 2011. 

2009: “The Role of the Analogy of Faith in Karl Barth’s Theological Ethics: ‘The Christian Community and the Civil Community” The Princeton Theological Review: Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 2009): 35-50. 

Chapters in Edited Volumes
2018: Forthcoming: “New Directions in Protestant Social Ethics” in T&T Clark Companion to Political Theology, ed. Ruben Rosario-Rodriguez. 

2018: Forthcoming: “Mary Wollstonecraft and Theology/Metaphysics." in The Wollstonecraftian Mind. in The Routledge Philosophical Minds series. eds. Sandrine Bergès, Eileen Hunt Botting, and Alan Coffee. 

2017: Forthcoming: “Beyond the Territories of Science and Religion” in Science and Religion in Education, eds. Berry Billingsley, Keith Chappell and Michael Reis (in the Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education Book Series) Springer Press. 

2011: “Common Grace: A Resource for ‘A Common Word’” Kuyper Center Review: Revelation and Common Grace Vol. 2 ed. John Bowlin (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2011) 244-261.

Honors and Awards

  • University of Notre Dame; Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing, Theology post-doctoral fellowship (2016-2018)
  • Center for Theological Inquiry: Workshop on Religious Experience and Moral Identity (2014)
  • Institut fur die Wissenschaften vom Menschen: Philosophy, Religion, Politics Summer Program (2010)
  • Kuyper Research Fellowship Award (2010)
  • Princeton University, Center for the Study of Religion, Research Fellow (2009)
  • Graduate Study Fellowship for Parish Pulpit Ministry (2008)

Professional Organizations and Associations

American Academy of Religion, Society of Christian Ethics, Fellowship for Protestant Ethics