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Behavioral Lab

Student utilizing the behavioral lab

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business Behavioral Lab supports faculty and graduate students by providing an accessible research participant tool for collecting data.

About the Lab

Participating in business-related research exposes the individual to ways researchers can ask questions and collect data from focal populations, giving them insight to how research is conducted in the real world. The lab has two main rooms:

  • The first room has twelve workstations consisting of cubicles and computers; the majority of student participation will be collected on the computer.
  • The second room has four small breakout rooms.

What to Expect

All students enrolled in MKT3000 are required to earn three lab credits which accounts for 5% of the student’s overall grade. Students can achieve these credits by attending three 50-minute lab sessions.

The research topics will vary each lab session. Students can be asked questions about themselves or about their thoughts on an advertisement as an individual consumer.

Students will be made aware of lab sessions that are available through their class instructor. To participate in a lab session and receive full credit for participation, students must be present for the entirety of a lab session. Due to the potential of disrupting the research study results, participants in a lab session are not permitted to arrive late or leave early.

If a student cannot attend a lab session, they are to contact both their class instructor and the Behavioral Lab at Students will be informed of alternative ways to make up credit, such as reading an academic paper in a marketing journal and answering questions.

More information on how and when to attend lab sessions will be provided to students the second week of each semester.


Participating in business-related research provides students with a unique learning experience. Experiencing how research is conducted first-hand as a participant gives students a unique understanding of how to conduct future scientific research in the real world.

By participating in lab sessions, students are given the opportunity to interact with SLU researchers and graduate students. Participating in the Behavioral Lab directly affects students as it elevates the visibility and reputation of Saint Louis University and the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business, ultimately strengthening the value of a Chaifetz School degree.