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SLU New Venture Accelerator

The Saint Louis University New Venture Accelerator (NVA) allows SLU founders to launch their entrepreneurial journeys with access to funding, resources, advisors, and guidance to propel their ideas to reality. SLU NVA participants are eligible for equity-free investments up to $50,000 through a special accelerator fund.

Our 14-week accelerator is curated to the needs of each summer cohort, focusing on customer discovery, validation, business development, revenue modeling, and more. Our modules are designed to leverage the success and knowledge of our faculty, mentors, and advisors to improve the participants' chances of success.

The accelerator culminates with a demo day in August for invited investors, strategic partners, and ecosystem leaders for final pitches from our SLU NVA graduates. 

Process and Key Dates

Applications are due | March 27, 2024
The actual application (including your two-minute pitch) is due.

Applications reviewed, finalists chosen | April 10, 2024
The applications submitted here will be reviewed, and the top 10 applicants will be selected as finalists.

Finalist Pitch Day | April 16, 2024
The selected finalists will be invited to a finalist pitch day. During this time, finalists will give an in-person five-minute pitch with 10 minutes of Q&A from a panel of judges.

Finalists Announced | April 30, 2024
Of the 10 finalists, up to five will be selected to participate in this year's cohort. 

Eligibility Requirements 

To complete your accelerator application, please review the eligibility requirements below. Be sure to read all instructions and notes related to the application before submitting. Keep in mind that there is a two-minute video-pitch requirement as part of the application — don’t wait until the last minute to start this!

At least one co-founder or owner of 10% or more of the company’s equity must be a Saint Louis University undergraduate junior or senior student, graduate student or recent alumni (up to five years) from any SLU degree program.

Furthermore, at least one team member must be present at the weekly in-person sessions in St. Louis on Cortex’s campus. 

The application window has closed. 

Interested in becoming a mentor for the New Venture Accelerator?

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For more information, contact Hayley Johnston at 

Introducing the 2024 Cohort


EMBr is an innovative wearable device designed to detect opioid overdose symptoms and alert bystanders and emergency medical services (EMS) in real time. By continuously monitoring vital signs such as respiratory rate, heart rate and oxygen levels, the bracelet identifies critical overdose indicators and sends immediate alerts to designated contacts, including EMS, with the wearer’s location. Targeting individuals at risk of overdose, their families and healthcare providers, this bracelet aims to reduce opioid-related fatalities by ensuring timely intervention and providing peace of mind.

Founder: Kirti Madhu
College: Doisy College of Health Sciences/College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Medical Sciences / Women and Gender Studies
Expected Graduation: May 2025


GenAssist is developing MyoMatrix, a regenerative biomaterial to treat volumetric muscle loss (VML) and other muscle conditions. MyoMatrix is designed to replace lost muscle tissue following severe injuries. It is made of proteins that mimic the natural extracellular matrix, supporting the wound and stimulating stem cells. When implanted or injected, MyoMatrix encourages the growth of skeletal muscle stem cells. These cells then differentiate into muscle cells, forming new muscle tissue as MyoMatrix resorbs. 

Founder: Gabe Haas
School: School of Science and Engineering
Major: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Graduation: 2019/2020

Founder: Joe Beggs
College: Grinnell College and Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Biophysics and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Graduation: 2019/2020

Founder: Koyal Garg
School: Associate professor of biomedical engineering in the School of Science and Engineering

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Moii Coffee

Moii Coffee is a coffee company working towards bridging the gap between coffee farmers and consumers. We accomplish this by importing coffee directly from Ethiopian farmers. Our mission is to passionately deliver the highest quality, ethically sourced coffee with a personalized touch. We strive to deliver a unique and exceptional coffee experience. 

Founder: Firaol Ahmed
School: Chaifetz School of Business
Major: Entrepreneurship
Expected Graduation: May 2025

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Posie Pots 
Posie Pots

Posie Pots is an innovative agricultural technology concept that stands out from the rest. We provide sustainable planters through our unique water-once-a-month system. Our patented system uses 95% less water and one-third of the soil or growing medium, allowing plants to grow up to 10 times more than in a traditional flower pot.  This self-contained subirrigation system is the first one-piece, closed-loop subirrigation self-watering planter on the market, making it incredibly easy to use and a game-changer in the industry. 

Founder: Kay Wells
School: School of Professional Studies
Certificate: Post-Baccalaureate in Organizational Leadership
Expected Graduation: May 2025

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