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Saint Louis University and the Chaifetz School of Business have a robust community of innovative entrepreneurs bringing unique products to market. Looking for a special gift? Shop SLU and support Chaifetz School students, alumni and friends. #BillikenMade


Colleen Smyth, founder and CEO of C. Smyth photography, smiles for the camera

C. Smyth Photography

Colleen Smyth

B.A. '11, M.S.W. '14

Colleen Smyth is a St. Louis-based photographer who loves to capture people and relationships. Her portfolio includes portraits, family, graduation photography and more. As a social worker, Colleen focuses on human emotion and storytelling through her photography with a desire for subjects to feel positive and authentic in the images captured.

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Tiffany Ellison-Jones, Member of the Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship's Institute for Private Business and CEO of Chery's Herbs

Cheryl’s Herbs

Tiffany Ellison-Jones

Member, Institute for Private Business, Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship

Cheryl’s Herbs is a certified organic, certified woman-owned business focused on making it easier and more convenient for you to have a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Tiffany continues the original vision and mission of the founder, Cheryl, as she looks to the future to make Cheryl’s Herbs America’s favorite herbal store. 

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Duffy Hofer, Founder of Disguise the Surprise, poses for a headshot.Disguise The Surprise

Duffy Hofer

SLU I-Corps Participant, ‘20

Duffy Hofer founded Disguise The Surprise in October 2020 and went through the SLU I-Corps program. As a mom of two teenage boys, she got frustrated at gift-giving time when trying to disguise a gift. She worked with local labs and designed a set of dividers that you arrange around your one special gift to disguise in a shirt box (think cell phone, AirPods, jewelry box, video game), or you can use the dividers to make your own multi-item gift box. It does not matter how old you are, if someone hands you a shirt box, you think you are getting clothes. When they lift the lid and see something way cooler, that is where the excitement begins. A new concept in the world of gift wrapping and packaging. The dividers are reusable and manufactured right here in St. Louis. 

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Sam Zychiski, founder of Gateway Tea and Allsup Entrepreneurship Academy Alumni poses for a headshotGateway Tea

Sam Zychinski

Allsup Entrepreneurship Academy Alumni, ‘20 and ‘21

A rising college freshman, Sam won first place and a cash prize at the Allsup Entrepreneurship Academy twice, and with his winnings, began brainstorming. Noticing that his high school cafeteria didn’t have a healthy drink that provided the energy essential to stay focused with good flavor, he decided to share his love of tea and business through Gateway Tea. Now, Gateway Tea is part of multiple STL businesses where Sam passionately sells his tea revolution to all. 

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Honeymoon Chocolates founders Cam and Haley Loyett pose with their chocolates which taste good and do good.

Honeymoon Chocolates 

Cam Loyet & Haley Loyet

M.D., '21

Cam and Haley Loyet co-founded Honeymoon Chocolates in 2016, specializing in bean-to-bar craft chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. Haley is a SLU alumna and current pediatric resident at Saint Louis University Hospital. With a dual focus on addressing the concerns facing supplies of cacao and honeybees, and providing a delightful way for consumers to remove more refined sugar from their diets, Honeymoon Chocolates provides sweet treats that taste good and do good. Their honey is purchased directly from beekeepers, and a portion of the proceeds support honeybee research.

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Moii CoffeeFiraol

Firaol Ahmed

Chaifetz School of Business, Entrepreneurship, '25

Moii Coffee provides high-quality, ethically sourced specialty coffee while focusing on each roast and each customer individually.

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Nerdy Diva

Shanae Chapman Shanae Chapman

College of Arts & Science, '09; SLU I-Corps Participant, '22

Nerdy Diva sells inspirational clothing, stickers, and office supplies for techies on the go. Their products celebrate women and girls in tech and beyond. Shanae graduated from SLU and worked in the Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship as an undergrad through the work-study program. She is currently participating in the SLUStart I-Corps program to research a STEM project to empower women through FinTech.

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Seoul Juice

Luis MantaLuis Manta

B.S.B.A., '17

A member of the Saint Louis University Men's Varsity Soccer team, Luis created Seoul Juice after having an allergic reaction to a common sports drink. Seoul Juice is an all-natural hydration beverage made of Korean pears, water and lemons. Luis started making the product, which can now be found on grocery store shelves nationwide, in his on-campus apartment. Seoul Juice has been featured in Life & Style Magazine, NBC News, and the Los Angeles Tribune. Seoul Juice also won David Meltzer's 2 Minute Drill, featured on Apple TV and the Bloomberg Channel nationwide. Try Seoul Juice out below!

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Ugly Sweater Store

Mike Golomb, MBA, '11 and founder of Ugly Sweater Store

Mike Golomb

M.B.A., '11

Chaifetz School Alumni Mike Golomb launched the Ugly Sweater Store in 2008 after a frustrating attempt at finding a sweater to attend an “Ugly Sweater” themed holiday party. From there, the idea has grown to include vintage styles and manufacturing his unique take on the tradition. Looking for a festive shirt with lights? Or something for the kids? Look no further. 

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Kelsey Row, MBA '18, M.D. '20, Author of Vax-Force

Kelsey Rowe

M.B.A., '18; M.D., '20

Kelsey Rowe, a dual SLU M.D.-MBA graduate, developed the idea for a children’s book to help explain the importance of vaccinations as part of her MBA coursework. After winning a Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship pitch competition with the idea, she used prize winnings to support illustration costs and published the book in 2019. 

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Betsy Cohen, Member of the Chaifetz Executive Board and Author of Welcome to the U.S.A. - You'e Hired!
Welcome to the U.S.A. - You’re Hired! A Guide for Foreign-Born People Seeking Jobs

Betsy Cohen

Member, Chaifetz Executive Board

Betsy Cohen is the executive director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project, a program of the World Trade Center St. Louis within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership. After years of coaching and advising hundreds of foreign-born individuals on obtaining successful careers in St. Louis, Betsy realized there was no comprehensive yet accessible resource on this topic. Recognizing this gap, she channeled her knowledge into a book to support job searches and career advancement for foreign-born individuals.

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