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Saint Louis University School of Law hosts three annual symposia: the Health Law Symposium, the CICL Symposium and the Public Law Review Symposium. 

Each spring the Center hosts its annual Health Law Symposium featuring leading experts and scholars in the field. Conference topics focus on groundbreaking issues in health law and policy. The proceedings of the symposium are published in the Journal of Health Law and Policy.

The Public Law Review’s annual symposia address pressing public policy issues that affect broad segments of society. Recent symposia have featured a wide range of topics including "The Jury's Role in Administering Justice in the United States," "Voting: 45 Years After the Voting Rights Act," and "A New Era for Plea Bargaining and Sentencing?: The Aftermath of Padilla v. Kentucky." Most recently, the Public Law Review hosted a symposium that examined legal, sociological, and professional ways to influence and control police behavior in light of recent speculation that the U.S. Supreme Court could dismantle the exclusionary rule for Fourth Amendment violations. This upcoming March, the Public Law Review will host a symposium entitled “Saving the Cities: How to Make America’s Urban Core Sustainable in the Twenty-First Century.” During the full day symposium, scholars and practitioners will examine the issue of urban development of blighted areas and discuss strategies to promote sustainability of these areas from a variety of perspectives, including education, transportation, employment, and the environment.