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Anjum Umrani

Anjum Umrani, completed her undergraduate studies at Loyola University in Chicago, where she studied psychology and French language and literature. 

Photograph of Anjum Umrani

During her time at Loyola, Anjum developed research interests in race and intergroup dynamics, international research, global disparities in access to education, and community access to educational resources/opportunities. Anjum also worked with children and adolescents in various educational settings, which helped her gain insight into the existing flaws in the foster care system, educational inequities for international populations and U.S. subcultures, as well as the health care systems in different communities, and the impact that such systemic failures had on educational outcomes.

Currently, Anjum is a student in the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at SLU and hopes to combine her research and educational interests to contribute to interventions focused on diversifying clinical practice and educational approaches for underserved communities. Anjum hopes to obtain licensure as a clinical psychologist and work as a psychotherapist for pediatric populations, focusing specifically on immigrant and refugee children.