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Lupe Murillo Wink, LCSW

Lupe is a licensed clinical social worker who received her B.A. in sociology and Master of Social Work degree from Saint Louis University. As a social worker, Lupe believes in supporting individuals and communities in being their best selves, believing that anyone can benefit from a collaborator in discovering what that is for them in the different seasons of their lives.

Photograph of Lupe Murillo Wink standing outside in a grassy area with trees in the background

Lupe views her role of therapist as a collaborator in curiosity and discovery about the self, partnering up to support people in exploring their path in life through the different lenses of mind, body, spirit and connection. Lupe's previous experience includes working with depression, anxiety, perinatal mood regulation, general mood regulation, life adjustments, LGBTQ+ experiences and rediscovering oneself.  Additionally, she has experience supporting individuals and communities in establishing general mental wellness practices and skills around self-regulation, coping skills, seasonal care, and self-care habits, routines, and rituals.

In therapy, Lupe uses a variety of approaches such as solution-focused therapy (SFT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), narrative therapy and various mindfulness and body-conscious approaches. Prior to becoming a therapist at SLU, Lupe practiced therapy in home-based counseling and case management services across the greater St. Louis region, serving historically marginalized communities, as well as providing individual counseling services and wellness outreach in a community setting. She is bilingual, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Outside of counseling, Lupe enjoys being with nature, cooking, traveling, game nights, reading and listening to music of all kinds.