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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

SLU-Madrid offers students a robust education in the humanities and social sciences. Find information on our programs below.

Students converse while standing outside under some trees on a sunny day.


Rosana Vivar Navas, Ph.D., program director

SLU-Madrid's Department of Communication offers a comprehensive, internationally-focused education in communication. We offer a blended approach to theory and application, emphasizing understanding while cultivating ability.

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Timothy Ryan Day, Ph.D., program director

The study of English includes literature, rhetoric and professional and creative writing. Deepen your understanding and appreciation of literature's imaginative value, gain a global perspective on English literature as world literature, and hone your skills in expressing and arguing for your ideas in various contexts.

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Visual and Performing Arts

Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez, Ph.D., program director

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts explores and celebrates the disciplines of studio art, art history, dance, music and theatre. Get hands-on experience in the arts through visits to galleries, music performances and theatre productions.

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Carolina Aznar, Ph.D., interim chair

Through the study of anthropology, classical languages, history, philosophy and theology, SLU-Madrid's Division of Humanities offers students an opportunity to learn more about themselves, society and their place in the world.

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ESL, Modern Languages and Education

Hamish Binns, program director

Be more than just bilingual. SLU-Madrid offers language courses in Arabic, Chinese, English as a Second Language, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Political Science

Barah Mikaïl, Ph.D., program director

Our Department of Political Science offers an in-depth study of international relations and the political processes that guide nations around the world.

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Eduardo Fernández-Cruz, Ph.D., interim program director

SLU-Madrid's Department of Psychology provides students with a broad background in the discipline of psychology to help them gain an understanding of the human mind and behavior from a variety of different perspectives.

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Aitor Bikandi-Mejías, Ph.D., program director

SLU-Madrid's Spanish department offers a wide range of Spanish language courses, from introductory undergraduate courses to graduate-level study.

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