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American Studies Faculty and Staff

The distinguished faculty in Saint Louis University’s American Studies Department are trained specifically in our discipline. Most have earned a Ph.D. in American studies and all have worked extensively in the field as scholars, teachers, curators or creative artists.

  • Heidi Ardizzone, Ph.D.
    Racial identity and constructions of race and ethnicities, African American history and culture, activism and protest movements, women's and gender history.
  • Benjamin Looker, Ph.D.
    Urban studies and urban representational politics, jazz and other American musics, cultural studies, the performing arts in social movements, politics of culture in the postwar U.S.
  • Emily Lutenski, Ph.D.

    Comparative ethnic studies, gender studies, 20th century American literatures, place and region.

  • Kate Moran, Ph.D.
    Late 19th- and early 20th-century American history and religion, transnationalism.

Emeriti Faculty