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Confocal Microscopy Core

The Department of Biology at Saint Louis University offers a Leica SP8 confocal microscope with resonant scanner for academic and commercial use. Live-cell imaging can be performed using a stage incubator with programmable gas (O2, CO2 and N2) and temperature controls.

See the microscope in action in the slideshow below. 
Zoomed in Microscope Launch SlideshowZoomed in Microscope

The instrument features 405, 488, 522 and 645 nm diode laser lines, which allow for imaging of most fluorescent dyes with its two HyD and two PMT detectors. The instrument must be reserved on the lab agenda before using.

Reserve on the Lab Agenda

Live-Cell Imaging Capabilities

An OkoLab stage incubator with variable and programmable CO2 (0-10%), O2, N2 and temperature controls (4-40 degrees Celsius) can be used for a variety of cell and tissue culture-based studies under normoxic, hypoxic and hypercapnic conditions.

Image Analysis Capabilities

Image analysis capabilities include Lightning deconvolution, colocalization, 3D reconstruction, FRAP and FRET. A separate image analysis workstation with the Lightning and Colocalization modules is free to all users.

Hourly Rate for Use Effective 1/1/2024

  • Approved user within the Biology Department: $35/hr
  • Approved user from outside the Biology Department:  $35/ hr
  • Training sessions for new users within and outside of the Biology Department: $ 50/hr. Basic training requires at least two hours on the microscope. However, additional training may be required following assessment of the new user’s ability to properly operate the SP8 Leica Confocal Microscope. In addition, the passing of a short quiz is mandatory.

Note: Retraining is required for any user that has not used the microscope in three months from their last use at no charge

SP8 Leica Confocal Microscope Misuse Policy

Use of Microscope Without Training

  •  First offense = $100 plus hourly session time cost.
  • Second offense = $200 plus hourly session time cost and suspension from use of the microscope.

Oil Left on Objectives, Dripped on Objective Turret, Stage

  • First offense = reminder
  • Second offense = $75 cleaning fee
  • Third offense = $150 cleaning fee, suspension from using oil lenses, retraining for use of objectives requiring oil.

Modifying the Default Settings (Image Display, Lasers, Optical)

  • First offense = reminder
  • Second offense = $75 inconvenience fee
  • Third offense = $100 inconvenience fee plus suspension from use of the microscope.

Booking Abuse (Failure to Show up or Failure to Cancel Booking) 

  • First offense = reminder
  • Second offense = $25 inconvenience fee
  • Third offense = $75 inconvenience fee plus hourly session time cost.

(Note: Please cancel booking at least 24 hours prior to booked time)

Improper Shut Down of Microscope

  • First offense = reminder 
  • Second offense = $25 wear-and-tear fee
  • Third offense = $ 75 wear-and-tear fee