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Biology Research at SLU

Faculty Research Areas

Biodiversity and Conservation

The great breadth of biodiversity reflects the interrelatedness of entities from genes through species and ecosystems. Saint Louis University faculty study systematic, evolutionary, and conservation biology in both the field and the lab to better understand Earth's biodiversity and help conserve it.


Thanks to our location in St. Louis, we have many productive research ties to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Our professors here study plant evolutionary biology and population genetics, with a special emphasis on the evolution of pollination systems.


Ecology, the study of the interrelationships between organisms and their environment, is an integral aspect of the SLU Department of Biology.

Evolutionary Biology

SLU biology faculty are working to understand various aspects of evolution, including the evolutionary history of organisms, genomes, and genes; how organisms evolve in response to global change; and evolutionary processes that are critical for understanding agriculture and disease.

Genetics and Molecular Biology

In our cell and molecular division, genetic studies are an important aspect of research. Studies on Drosophila genetics, as well as work on human gene expression, are large components of our professors' research.

Cell Biology (Molecular Signals, Interactions,  and Pathways)

Research areas in our department include studies of molecular interactions within and among organisms, signal transduction, visual receptor function and developmental signals.


Professors in our department study physiology at a molecular level to understand amino acid transporters and through applied research on skeletal muscles.