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Department of Operations and Information Technology Management

The demand for supply chain and information technology professionals in business is growing at a fast pace. Saint Louis University’s Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business will prepare you for these thriving career fields.

SLU's Department of Operations and Information Technology Management offers several programs in both IT management and supply chain management.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs



Operations Program

SLU’s operations program prepares students to be leaders in the vast field of managing supply chains. Students will graduate prepared to design, implement and manage the flow of materials and information among suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses and stores.

Operations students learn to use quantitative and computer models designed to provide and distribute the desired quantities of the appropriate goods or services to the right location at the desired time.

Analytics and Enterprise Systems

There is a strong demand in the industry for graduates who have knowledge in analytics and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This demand will only increase in the future. Saint Louis University’s analytics and enterprise systems program makes graduates more marketable as they enter the job force.

Our program offers the opportunity to combine analytics and ERP to provide a great value to students. Organizations are looking for IT graduates with the knowledge of IT tools related to analytics, ERP or both areas. Students who will study analytics and ERP will have the opportunity to earn a Systems Application Products (SAP) certification.

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business is the only business school in St. Louis that offers SAP certification, as a member of the SAP University Alliance. This allows the school to provide students in certain courses with hands-on experience with SAP software and to put classroom theory into practice. Such certification will be useful for employers who not only use SAP/ERP but also others who use non-SAP/ERP tools.

Information Technology Management

SLU’s information technology management program prepares our students to be leaders in the dynamic field of managing information technology. Graduates will learn how to design computing solutions that provide organizations with the information needed to achieve their mission.

ITM students at SLU learn the role of information technology and enterprise resource planning in enhancing organizational operations. They also learn how to combine the knowledge of computing technology with the understanding of the organization’s business in order to help achieve the organization’s goals.

ITM Internships

Students in the ITM program are strongly encouraged to gain practical, career-related work experience through an internship or co-op program. Recent ITM students have participated in internships at Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, Edward Jones, Boeing, MasterCard, AG Edwards and AT&T.

A special internship exists at Saint Louis University with our Information Technology Services team. ITS provides an opportunity for students to work in a variety of tech support roles throughout the University while receiving ongoing training in personal and professional development.