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Department of International Business

With the U.S. economy more global than ever, the importance of studying international business is at a peak. Saint Louis University’s Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business offers a comprehensive international business program with degree programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

Our courses, taught by highly-qualified SLU faculty and select successful global executives, integrate key principles of business practice with the impact created by different cultures, languages, political structures and economies.

International business students at SLU are supported with advising, an international business student club, scholarships for outstanding students, and assistance with mentors and internships via our alumni network and local-global professionals.

Our department also manages a number of study abroad opportunities for business students. This immersion is essential for a well-rounded global education.

Degree Programs



  • Seung Kim, Ph.D.
  • Hongxin Zhao, Ph.D.

Why Study International Business?

Globalized World

In today’s economy, most economic boundaries have already disappeared, and those remaining will continue to diminish. This partially due to the proliferation of electronic communication, which allows instantaneous information transfer for sales, marketing, manufacturing and outsourcing. Furthermore, growing distribution networks, supply chains and transportation hubs simplify the movement of products.

The broad networks of worldwide financial institutions reduce currency issues. Business professionals are increasingly servicing the needs of customers around the world.

Overcoming Barriers

Ultimately, most business professionals will in some way be impacted by international influences. Individuals planning a career in business must understand the intricacies of doing business with partners from other countries — whether the business is conducted in the United States or beyond our borders.

Culture, language, political systems, geography, and socio-economic factors all influence a company’s business practices. Researching the companies you wish to do business with, including their business practices, culture and tradition, is vital to business success in this global marketplace.

Understand the Issues

To be prepared for a career in any facet of the business world (accounting, finance, marketing, information technology, law, healthcare, etc.), an understanding of global issues is critical. Studying international business will help you prepare for diverse business opportunities, knowing in advance that respect for and knowledge of your counterparts can create a competitive advantage.

Global Immersion Opportunities

To succeed in today’s global economy, business professionals need international fluency. Global immersion is a key tool for building students’ portfolio of international business experiential learning skills.

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